Resume Emailing Tips

Tip 1: Make Your Email as Personal as It Can Be

Do not make a list of emails and send to them all at once. You need to send individual targeted emails. You have to research the recipient of your email first and target your message to him or her.

Tip 2: Make an Attractive Subject Line

The subject of your email is very important. You should make a very attractive subject that forces the recipient to open your email and read it. For example, if you send an email to Nakheel Properties, here’s a subject line that you could use: “Finance Manager with 14-yrs Experience for Nakheel Properties” But make sure that your subject line isn’t too long. Long subject lines are indicative of spam content and do not reach the inbox some times.

Tip 3: Greet The Recipient by Their Actual Name

Dear Sir/Madam is unattractive. Your message will be tossed in the trash folder if you use this greeting. Greet the recipient by their actual name. Use “Dear Mark” or “Dear Mrs. Smith”. Your message is much more likely to be read if you did that.

Tip 4: Do Not Ask for a Job Directly

If you’re sending your resume to a hiring manager or a contact who works in a company that you want to work for, do not ask them to look at your resume from the first email. Try to first send an email to establish a relationship. For example, ask them questions about their industry or about their company. Exchange an email or two with them, then pitch yourself.

Tip 5: Rename Your Resume File

Before you attach your resume to the email, rename the file to something more meaningful. The more meaningful your resume file name is, the more frequently it will show up when a search is made. For example, change “John Smith CV.doc” to “John Smith Finance Manager CV.doc” (avoid being too long here also). Now when they search for “finance manager”, your resume will show up first.

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  2. Project completed list with the amount should be shown in the C.V.

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  4. Venkatesh says:

    Dear Sir/Madem.

    while i was surfing to find some tips for my resume i came to find some of tje most useful things in this link.. i think this will help me to improve my CV more attractive. i was looking for a Admin job in the website and got this link. i am really thankful for these information..

  5. EDHEC Grad says:


    Wonder if the tips apply to all Multinational management consulting firms as well??

  6. lipching says:

    hi sir!thanks a lot..i got more idea to make a better cv and knows don’ts and do’s…thanks a lot!!!your so great!!!!!

  7. Very helpful, Thanks!

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    very usefull and wise advices. thanku.

  9. thank you… i was looking for something of this sort….this was really helpful.

  10. Priyanka Gohil says:

    Hello Sir,

    The tips given by you for emailing a resume are really helpful. I just found out the mistakes I was making..!!!I have registered in all the recruitment agencies mentioned in Recruitment agency list given by you.
    I have come to Dubai to search a job in HR. It has been almost 10 days now that I am applying for vacancies listed in these sites as well as those given in Gulf news- Appointments.
    But yet I have received only 1 response. I must have applied almost for a 50 jobs. but where are the responses i wonder..??
    You have mentioned to converse with the recruiters directly,but there are hardly few recruitment agency sites which give the name of the recruitment expert for sector in which I have applied.
    How should I get these names to converse directly and establish a relation?

    Please do reply..

    • If you are there approach the companies direct, networking, events.
      In any case it’s never easy. Some people with the best degrees, the best experience, the best looks, qualified etc…and it takes sometimes up to 3 months to find a good job. If you look back, 1000 emails sent, 50 replies, 5 interviews, 2 offers, one job.

  11. OLANIYI JELEEL says:

    I am Olaniyi Jeleel by name, a Nigerian and I’m into Finance. Actually, this kind of information had been disseminated to me by a friend and I’ve been trying to get in touch with the approved Recruiters registered by the Dubai Agency but all to no avail. Anybody who has idea of the whole programme should please post the information here or to this email address

  12. Kao Hsiang says:

    it seems very attractive, but does it really work?
    do you actually forward my resume to the desk of the hiring person?
    please let me know to get hired.

    Dr Kao

  13. Mohammed Abdul Rehiman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am an Accountant with experience in INDIA.I seek for a job in UAE in a well reputed organization.I have noticed that my CV is not in the right manner.So Please help me in making my CV more reliable
    With Regards,
    Mohammed Abdul Rehiman.

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  18. The above detailed ‘Tips’ were very useful & insightful.

    It has helped me understand my mistakes and approach taken previously & how I was going wrong.I look forward to practise the tips mentioned.

  19. this site really helped me out with improving my cv.very good and useful information on cv’s..
    great job.keep it up..

  20. Hii Luis,

    I’m coming to Dubai on March, with the aim of finding a job, the problem is that i only managed to get 1 month visa, so would 1 month be enough??

    the other question is that i have no previous experience in Dubai, how crucial is that for employers?


  21. Hii Luis,

    I’m coming to Dubai on March, with the aim of finding a job, the problem is that i only managed to get 1 month visa, so would 1 month be enough??

    the other question is that i have no previous experience in Dubai, how crucial is that for employers?


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