Public Relation Firms Scramble to Keep Up With Demand

Attendees at the IAA World Congress in Dubai all heard a common theme being spoken about, discussed and debated. The clients of marketing agencies want a change from traditional means of advertising. They want more than just ads and commercials. What they want is a total communications service instead of an advertising agency.

This is wonderful news for the fledgling Public Relations industry, which is barely ten years old. Public Relations companies have been trying to set themselves apart from the advertising companies, and now is their chance to shine.

The biggest obstacle that Public Relations firms are finding blocking their path to success is a recruiting crisis. The vast majority of Public Relations companies are citing they are inundated with requests for pitches and are accepting as many new jobs as they are able, but lack of staffing prohibits them from keeping up with the growth.

While nearly all other sectors in Dubai have seen slow job growth at best, the push for marketing and public relations has caused growth in these sectors. Companies are looking to the future and repairing damage caused by the recent economic challenges. Establishing a strong reputation and brand recognition seems to be the focus of most executives as they look to 2011.

A common frustration for many executives is attempting to do business with PR firms located on the other side of the globe. These companies want local representation, and the local companies need to hire to keep up with the demand. This provides an excellent outlook for those considering seeking for work in this sector in Dubai.

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