A Personal Assistant is Not Quite What You Would Expect in Dubai

Many professionals may be tempted to gloss over job listings for executives seeking a Personal Assistant in Dubai. The Americanized ideals of a Personal Assistant being someone that simply picks up dry cleaning and manages the personal affairs of the wealthy is far from the true picture of what a Personal Assistant does in Dubai.

Personal Assistants generally work in a professional setting, offering human resources support, business administration assistance and managing general office duties. When you consider the vast amount of professional executives working in Dubai, the need and demand for quality and professional personal assistants is understandable.

A Personal Assistant position is an excellent opportunity for someone that is looking to break into the Dubai job market. A recent survey conducted by Robert Half International showed that more companies in Dubai are hiring from within the borders instead of looking overseas. The reason for this is due largely to the high cost and risk factors of recruiting from Europe and the United States.

This is grim news for a large number of people that are seeking employment opportunities in many of Dubai’s sectors. However, many of the executives looking for Personal Assistants prefer, and are more than willing, to hire from the foreign countries from which they originated from. The misunderstanding of what a Personal Assistant is responsible for helps keep the competition at a minimum, so works to the favor of those in the know. Instead of seeking a job listed by sector, hunting through the Personal Assistant openings may uncover a hidden position that calls on your sector’s knowledge and skills.

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