Private Schools in Dubai

With the increase of internet access and mobile broadband throughout the area, the need for English teachers is on the rise. While this may seem a bit of an odd cause and effect scenario, it actually makes perfect sense. Very little of the content on the web is available in Arabic, as recent studies have shown. English has become the standard language for the internet, and making English available to students has become a global concern.

Dubai has a need for teachers from the United States and the United Kingdom especially, as private schools that educate expatriate’s children place a high priority on hiring teachers from the student’s native countries. While there had been a significant slow down of U.S. and European employees seeking work in Dubai in light of recent economic troubles, the job outlook is bright for 2010 and 2011, suggesting that there will be a large increase in students from English speaking countries in private schools in Dubai.

The benefit to teachers considering career opportunities in Dubai is that these private schools often pay significantly higher than educational positions in other countries. While teachers in the United States are increasingly frustrated with budget cuts and furlough days is America’s public school systems, these same teachers will find teaching in Dubai a breath of fresh air. Dubai’s schools place a very high importance of quality of education, and expenses are not spared to provide the best education possible for the children that attend these schools. Unlike in the United States, this translates directly to better teacher salaries to promote a higher quality of education in Dubai.

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