Competition Between Top Telecommunication Companies Bode Well for Professionals

Scanning the local news in the UAE brings up story after story about smart phones, IT security risks, and the bans on Blackberry services. It is quite obvious to even those that do not follow Dubai’s telecom news the importance of wireless and mobile broad band has in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

The largest difficulty of small and medium sized telecommunications providers is the seemingly impossibility to compete against giants such as Microsoft and Google for a piece of the mobile pie. It will take serious creative leverage to keep up in this growing market, but the desire to do just that is surviving despite the odds.

Professionals in telecommunications will have a wide variety of opportunities available to them in Dubai throughout the next year as companies leverage to gain ranking within the mobile telecommunications sector. Some of these companies are approaching the market with creative ideas such as mobile payment solutions, security solutions and handset distribution values to keep them profitable.

Telecommunications is one of the few job sectors that has seen an upward momentum in regard to job growth, while most other sectors have reported stagnant hiring numbers. While jobs in Dubai with the major players in the mobile telecommunications market are a guaranteed path to success, profitable opportunities also exist with the small and medium providers that have the ability and cash flow to think outside of the proverbial box. Regardless of which approach you take to finding a telecom job in Dubai, the demand is present and the jobs are vacant, making now the best time to apply.

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