The Importance of Eye Contact During an Interview


Do you know what colour eyes your last interviewer had? Can you remember if they wore glasses or not? If the answer to these questions are anything but an emphatic ‘yes,’ it could be that you did not make appropriate eye contact during interview. But, why is a failure to make appropriate eye contact during a job interview in Dubai such a problem? It is vital that interviewees make appropriate eye contact throughout the interview as it could be the difference between interview success and interview failure.

Yes indeed, take the findings of a study from Winona State University, called the Importance of Eye Contact During an Interview which found that one when two candidates with equal levels of experience and qualifications are interviewed, the one who makes the most appropriate eye contact throughout the interview will be seen as more ‘competitive’ and more ‘employable’. As you can see, making appropriate eye contact during your interview in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter of fact, is crucial in showing you are the best candidate for the job.Continue Reading »

UAE electricity authority on a drive to hire 400 Emiratis


The Federal Electricity Authority (Fea) is conducting interviews to hire 400 Emiratis this year with a view to secure 2,000 jobs for Emiratis over the next five years. This came as part of the Abshir initiative, launched under the directives of the President, Sheikh Khalifa, which seeks to bolster Emiratisation. Fea interviewed 105 Emirati male and female job-seekers on Monday.

Adnan Nasib Salem, executive director of the shared services department at Fea, said 90 per cent of Emiratis interviewed would be recruited. Fea has arrangements with a number of colleges and students whereby the authority supports students with monthly grants, Mr Salem said.

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Employers to be fined for failing to contribute to pension fund


GPSSA urges employers to register employees within a month of hiring them

A GPSSA circular published in a newspaper on Wednesday says: “GPSSA is issuing this notice to bring to the attention of all employees in the private sector that, under Federal Law No. 7 of 1999 (Pension Law), employers are required to register their UAE national employees within one month from their date of joining date, after which contributions must be deducted and paid to GPSSA.

Failure to register the employees and pay the contributions on the due dates renders the employers liable to fines as stipulated by the Pension Law,” the circular said.

UAE nationals are entitled to a pension after 20 years of work. In order to provide the pension, the GPSSA requires the employer and the employee to contribute monthly payments of 12.5 per cent and five per cent respectively of the employee’s salary.

While the majority of big companies have registered their employees, a small percentage of them and some medium and small fail have failed to do so.

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The best day of the week to ask for a pay rise in the UAE


In a recent article in, their researchers spoke to local head-hunters in the UAE and asked them what they believed to be the best day of the week to ask for a pay rise.  I know, what most of you will be thinking, “Is there ever a good day to ask for a pay rise?“, however, the team at asked their panel of head hunters what the best day might be based on their experience of employers in the UAE.

So, what is the best day of the week to ask for a pay rise in Dubai?

Well, it depends; James Sayer, Director, Robert Half, Middle East suggested that Wednesday or Thursday is the best day to ask for a pay rise as executives tend to want to enter the weekend without conflict as they know these feelings can lead to unnecessary stress over the weekend.Continue Reading »

Starwood Hotels to Open 50 New Hotels in MEA Creating Thousands of Jobs


Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. announced today that it will increase its MEA portfolio by more than 60% with nearly 50 new hotels set to open over the next five years, adding more than 14,000 guest rooms to the region while creating thousands of local employment opportunities.

By 2017, Starwood will operate more than 130 hotels in MEA, marking some key milestones, including 12 new hotels in the UAE, including six in Dubai, bringing Starwood’s portfolio to more than 30 hotels across the country.

With more than 70% of the world’s economic growth coming from fast-growing markets over the next few years, Starwood is focused on expansion in developing MEA markets such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa and Nigeria.

Without doubt, Starwood Hotels is a great place for Dubai professionals to start or continue their career.

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Call to attract Emiratis to hospitality sector


Gerald Lawless, the president and CEO of Jumeirah Group, said he is looking to attract more UAE nationals into careers in tourism.

There is a need to attract Emiratis to the hospitality profession and this should be done through vocational training and by spreading awareness about the opportunities in these sectors,” he said.

The number of opportunities available to citizens is growing faster than in other related professions, such as human resources, and offers good benefits, he said.

His comments came during the CEO Dialogue on ‘Dubai’s Tourism Industry: Achievements, Strengths and Future Growth Prospects’, organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) yesterday.

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