How to Make a Great First Impression in Your Dubai Job Interview


A recent study from Harvard University tells us that  interviewers  make up their mind about you within 30 seconds of meeting you, yes just 30 seconds!

Think about that when you next attend an interview in Dubai, that by the time, you have greeted the interview, shaken hands, exchanged pleasantries and sat down, the interviewer could already have decided if you are a good or bad fit for the job.

This is why it is so important that you make a strong first impression on your interviewer and below, I have set out several steps to help you do this.

1.Build a strong on-line brand

Research tells us that 92% of employers are checking social media profiles before they even lay their eyes on a candidate, which means your interviewer will be developing an impression of you long before you enter the interview room. Continue Reading »

UAE to align public-private sector pay; does this affect you?


According to a report in, The Emirates is considering changes to the existing Labour Law.

Focusing on its effort to increase the number of local nationals working in the private sector, the UAE is considering changes to the existing Labour Law, which will ensure that those working in private companies will receive salaries equivalent to ones being paid by the government in similar positions.

Many Emiratis prefer to work in the public sector as some private companies have longer working hours, shorter holidays, and lower pay scales, thus increasing the pressure on government jobs.

UAE Labour Minister Saqr Ghobash is likely to present the government with a review of the current labour law shortly, it has been reported in Al Khaleej daily. The review will include proposals to bring private and public sector salaries in line, as well as increasing private sector holidays.


Young Emiratis Must Become Entrepreneurs

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According to a report in Khaleejtimes, the UAE needs its young nationals to become entrepreneurs if the country is to really thrive, the World Economic Forum’s chief economist, Jennifer Blanke, says. She also said that the country needed to change the prevailing perception that public sector jobs were best.

A recent survey showed 9 out of 10 Emiratis would prefer to work for government.

It’s a combination of the fact that there are very nice, comfortable jobs in government but then there’s also this mindset that’s what people want to do.

You want to have enough homegrown talent and a culture of innovation…I absolutely would not say you never need to bring in talent and good ideas from elsewhere…you want to have a balance and it’s for (the UAE government) to decide what the balance is. But certainly there seems to be a sense that more efforts could be taken and they should be trying to encourage young nationals to work in (entrepreneurial) jobs.

Such encouragement could come in the form of internships, apprenticeships, business training and start-up subsidies, but also needed to include positive reinforcement from the country’s leaders about the vitality of innovation and business.”


Top Companies For Women – UAE


Great Place to Work® Institute UAE revealed its third annual list of ‘Top 15 Companies to Work For in the UAE’ during an awards ceremony at The H Hotel (formerly The Monarch) in Dubai earlier this month.

In addition to its awards for overall workplace excellence, the Institute gave special recognition to the country’s ‘Top Companies for Women

Based on the importance of women’s empowerment, and their full and equal participation at all levels, the Institute recognizes globally the best workplace environments for women. In the UAE,  THE One, DHL, Marriot and Paramount were four companies commended for their efforts in enhancing the workplace experience for women.

Want to Become an Entrepreneur in Dubai? Try the Big Start!

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Are you tired of working for your current employer?

Are you in a career dead end? Is your job boring?

Or maybe, you just simply cannot find the job that you want?

Or it could be that you have an amazing idea for a business and you don’t know what to do to get it off the ground?

Well, if you answer, “yes”, to any of these questions, then maybe you need to check out the Big Start.

So, what is the Big Start?

Well, the Big Start is an an initiative to give students in the UAE the chance to turn their start up ideas into a reality.

Launched in 2009, The Big Start is a yearly event which seeks to encourage entrepreneurship and is open to all final year undergraduate students who are studying in the UAE. The initiative focuses on creating opportunities for students and to help them develop core business skills.Continue Reading »

Dubai Jobs on offer at Emirates Islamic Bank, Sharaf DG


According to a report in Emirates 24/7, there are a number of jobs on offer at one of Dubai’s major Islamic banks and an electronics retailer. Emirates Islamic Bank has announced openings for sales executives dealing in credit cards, SME finance, SME deposits and telesales executives.

The candidates must quote the following references for the position they are applying for when sending in their candidatures: Ref. CARDS, Ref. SME-FIN, Ref, SME-DEP and Ref.

Candidates can send their résumé at

More options

Candidates with sales experience in other fields can also apply for jobs with Dubai-based electronics retailer Sharaf DG, which is hiring for its offices in Dubai. The retailer said that candidates with sales experience of one to three years in retail, banking, finance, automobiles, insurance and electronics industry can apply for the vacant positions. Apart from sales executives, the retailer is also hiring staff for the positions of cashier, inventory executive, customer care executive and visual merchandiser. Candidates can apply online through