More Companies in Dubai Embrace eCommerce Driving Demand for IT Professionals

The wild popularity of the Dubai governments electronic payment system, ePay, has many other business owners pondering the impact going electronic could have on their businesses. As the world embraces a more green and sustainable style of living, relieving the burden on the environment that traditional billing and reporting causes is a big concern to many consumers. ePay collected over $300 million in electronic payments thus far in 2010, and the number of transactions increased from 13,000 in the first half of 2009 to 23,000 in the first half of 2010.

As more people in Dubai become accustomed to paying their bills via the Internet, companies that bill their customers will have little choice but to succumb to the technology. And of course, they will need Information Technology experts that have managed online finances and bill pay in the past to develop, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot these essential systems.

While the IT sector in Dubai is very well established, it has seen less slow down in hiring than other sectors have had in the last year. Because the majority of modern companies cannot sustain themselves without their IT systems working properly, the IT departments of major companies are the last to see job cuts due to the economy.

With the evolving needs of medium and large businesses in regards to technology combined with how freely the people of Dubai are embracing online bill pay, it seems that now would be a great time to start looking for career possibilities in the IT sector in Dubai.

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  1. parthan p nair says:

    im completing my mca degree….and im expert in php programming\development..and also i had the course certification of oracle database…..if any job related to these kind please contact me.

  2. Abdul rahman Ismail jahan says:

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  3. Haseeb Sulliman says:

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  4. Mohammad Yousuf says:

    Sir, I am done MCA and have a sound knowledge of Oracle 9i/10g databases as Developer 2000(D2K).

  5. I am an e-commerce specialist (Web Business Lead), working for a company in California. I am currently looking for am opportunity in Dubai if any e-commerce company is interested to get into this business i can be the part.

  6. Gagandeep Singh says:

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