Candidate Shortages & Telecommunication Growth in Dubai Create Wealth of Opportunity for Engineers

The vast amount of engineering programs offered at the many universities in Dubai should be proof enough of the future of engineering in this region. The local media in Dubai seems to announce another new company opening every day that has a full team of engineers. When you consider these facts, along with the enormous amount of infrastructure projects being planned for 2011, you can see how the opportunity for employment for engineers in Dubai is ripe for the taking now and throughout the coming year.

Over 56% of employers that were part of a survey conducted by the Job Index in April stated they would be hiring in the next quarter. Of those, telecommunications tops the list of sectors with the most planned job growth. Although many of these companies are looking to hire, severe candidate shortages may get in the way.

Many people left the emirate last year when the economy had its most significant challenges. The negative media attention surrounding the hard financial times has made people from overseas reluctant to relocate. What these people fail to understand is that compared to the global economy, Dubai is looking pretty good from a financial stability standpoint.

Proof of the stability and growth is in the sheer volume of new business headquarters being opened and planned, as well as relative stability of the banking industry. Telecommunications has been seen extremely fast paced growth, and the positions need to be filled. For engineers with a telecommunications background, getting on board with these companies looking for their expertise would be advantageous, as things will only go up from here.

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