Hospitality Recruiters in Demand in Dubai

Recruiting firms around Dubai have their eyes across the water and focused on Palm Jumeirah. Hospitality is one of the most lucrative niche markets for recruiting firms around the globe, and Dubai is no exception. To the disappointment of recruiters, the past few years have not brought about many opportunities for profiting off of the hospitality and tourism sectors, due to the impact of the downed economy.

Palm Jumeirah is a perfect example, where dozens of planned projects came to a braking halt as lenders refused to extend funding for projects that were considered high risk in a weak economy. Hotels throughout Dubai reported record low occupancy rates throughout the last several quarters, and the hospitality sector experienced job losses as a result.

Recent news is good news for the hospitality industry, as well as recruiters that have an expertise in recruiting experienced restaurant, hotel, and resort staff. The construction sites on Palm Jumeirah are becoming active again, including One&Only The Palm and Zebeel Saray which are both slated to open in October of this year. Several other hotels and one all-inclusive resort will be opening their doors to the pubic in 2011.

Needless to say is the fact that these luxury hotels and resorts will be looking for the hospitality professionals and executive management staff to ensure the success of the ventures. They will be looking to the areas recruiting firms for these key personnel, and the recruiting firms will be looking for top caliber recruiters to meet the demand. For those that have been considering a career in Dubai,  now is the time to start sending out resumes to recruiting firms in the area.

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  1. Ameer Khan says:

    We have access to hospitality professionals in Bangladesh and running our own institute which is approved by Edexcel UK. But can’t find anyy job contract from the hotel. Previously, we have worked for Atlantis The Palm Jumeirah during their opening.

    How can I be part of this growing industry and place our students ona very competitive price?

    Kindly, give me some tips.

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