How to Find Vacancies in Dubai

Far too many people are sticking with the job that they currently have because they are worried that there are not going to be any vacancies which are available through other employers. Although we certainly are living in times that are difficult to find employment, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always stay in one particular place. As a matter of fact, it often pays to be on the lookout for other employment, even if you’re not totally unhappy with the job that you have.

A good example of this is if you live in the city of Dubai and have been holding the same job for many years. Often, we become stale in the company because we have been there so long that it is difficult for them to move us in any direction except laterally. If you were to find employment with another company, however, you might be able to move up a few more steps and to better yourself and your families situation in the process.

There are several different ways for you to find other employment. Some people look for it themselves, going out and filling out applications on a regular basis. Other people, however, hire the use of a recruitment agency or perhaps even look for a headhunter that is trying to fill slots at a company that are currently open. If you are highly specialized in your field, you might find that one of these is the perfect way for you to find a new job.

Here are some resources that you will find of high value to your job search:

Resources for Searching for Vacancies in Dubai:

  • Dubai Job Sites Directory: on this directory you will find a list of employers, recruitment agencies, and job listings and portals in Dubai.
  • Salaries in Dubai: here you can find information on how to predict your Dubai salary
  • Dubai CV and Resume: a resume in Dubai is different from what you would write for another job market. Be sure to properly format your resume for Dubai

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  1. Charles James Swano says:

    I would like to get employment and accomodation in Dubai.

    I am a general worker with driver/messenger experience for the past 20 years.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to help you with your individual case. I can only give private attention to people who subscribe to the premium service.

      Use the freely available resources in the website and they should be sufficient to get you started, and then subscribe for more help.

      Best of luck,

    • Hariom Birla says:

      Sir plz will me jab my b com complet in ca complet plz cotect my mob 08085635110

  2. I would like to explore the possibilities of work in the field of interpretation and translation in Dubai.

    Can you guide me as to whom to contact. The conventional recruiters do not deal with this specialised area of work.

    I am qualified and have 20 years of work experience.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Abdurasul says:

      Hi My name is Abdurasul. I am 25 years old. I living in Tashkent city of the Uzbekistan. I want work with you

    • Babar Qamar says:

      Dear Sir
      Hope you will be in Good Health,Sir i would like to introduce you first i am Babar Qamar from Pakistan,I now 21 and above languages execept Arbi Languages,Please i need job in your office i now car driving also,If you are interested please contact me through mail,I want to come in dubai as soon as possible,
      Thanking You

      Yours Faithfully
      Babar Qamar

  3. hiii

    i would like to know that i am leaving for dubai in feb 09 and i have exp in banking of 18 months in retailbanking how can i get job in dubai through recruitment agency or etc please guide me on it i have visit visa

  4. Dear Sir

    In the current economy declines scenerio, how is the job market in Dubai. right now i am working in Saudi Arabia and planning to search job in Dubai.

    Could you please guide me.

    • Saravan,

      It has certainly become more difficult to secure employment in Dubai compared to the past. Companies are conducting more thorough screening of potential candidates to ensure that they are hiring the right people. Having said that, it still is very possible to find a job in Dubai given the right focus, determination and approach. We have tried and continue to try to provide as much information as possible to help you in your effort in finding employment. Feel free to navigate the various free resources on the website, and they will certainly assist you in finding a job in Dubai.

      Good luck,

  5. Dear Mr.Safi,

    Thanks for a supportive and energetic reply. Really I want to subscribe in this portal to get the right job in the SUPPLY CHAIN (WAREHOUSE – LOGISTICS, COMMERCIAL & ACCOUNTING OPERATIONS)


    MBA / 14 years of experience in various facets of SCM including inventory, warehousing, distribution, transportation, and logistics in an MNC.

    Please help and guide me.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. G’day
    Quite interesting tips, but is it right to say that employers are taking an advantage of the current situation and decrease the budget assigned for a specific position, in so many words, a Technical manager in 2008 at field x would earn $10, but now its like $8?
    I fear that many people though they have an extensive experience at a particular field would compromise on their salary requirement so that they secure a job. That would drag down the rates for other positions, right?

    I can’t blame both parties though, but being in a senior executive level, I fear that I’ll have an employer arguing with me at the last point (when finalizing the offer with HR)

    • Hi AJ,

      Yes, I agree with you, but I do think that there is a way to get around this problem. How about following a “differentiation” strategy rather than “cost leadership.” What I mean is where people are undercutting one another, you would position your profile and skills in a category that is separate from the rest, so that employers wouldn’t be able to benchmark your salary against those “cost leaders.” Of course, this is much easier said than done.

      At any rate, best of luck to you with your job search.


  7. dear safi

    hi. justwondering if you could assist in employment in uae, pref dubai.

    i am willing to pay for your services but not before the job is done. willing to share half my salary .

    if it suits you i am willing to talk. i have uae driving license, bank account and home and car as i lived there last 2 years. i moved back to pakistan as my main line of business was real estate and banking. since the collapse of these two, i wasnt in a position to hold back. the new altrnate i am looking fr is to secure employement. i used to work with HNW clients and safeguard there investment interests and advise them accordingy. please let me an we canspeak some time over the phone.

    best regards

  8. hello,
    I m looking for an airline or at airport..i have done iata foundation course…..sir if u can help me please let me know where is the best place to apply


  9. Hi M Safi,

    I used to work in dubai for 1 year in adminastration department but unfortunately i was belong to the “layed-off” employees when my company decided to reduce the manpower because of the current i still have the chance to have a job in dubai if ever i want to go back?My working experience is not so long as i just started to work last year and as far as i heard employers nowadays are really looking the “years of experience” do i still have the chance?

  10. wayne robert evertse says:

    i’d like you to personally connect me with recruitment agencies in your area please…

    kind regards

  11. chanal rossouw says:

    my name is chanal i have been to dubai 2 times and would like to go back again i love it in dubai but i have a baby girl 6 months and want to take her with me can you give me more info about this what to do to get there with a baby

  12. Dear Safi,

    I have 6 solid years of experience working for mutlinational companies in UK in business development. I am currently based in UK and was wondering what is the possibility of getting a job in Dubai if you are not based there. Are companies still willing to talk to peeople based outside UAE?

    • Hi Hanna,

      Some vacancies require specialized skills that may not be easily found within Dubai. For these types of vacancies, employers are definitely interested in talking with professionals based outside of Dubai.

      You seem to have amassed sizable experience from multinational companies. You should definitely try to network with employers in this region to explore the demand for your type of skill set.



    • hi hello hanna how ru i am here regrds your job please mail me ur updated resume with all u experience and sent to me in my mail

      rest i will help and also jobs are here in bangalore..india

  13. S.P.Vijaykrishna says:


    i want any computer related job in dubai

    • Hi S.P,

      You are not being specific enough in your request.

      At any rate, check out the Dubai Job Sites Directory for companies, recruitment agencies and job sites that operate in your field of interest.



  14. Munawar says:

    i m looking for job in customer service in banks, mnc’s, airports so if u would help me out it woulod of a great help to me.
    please do letme know through mail
    i am residing in UAE(Sharjah)

    • Hi Munawar,

      Here is a partial list of companies and recruitment agencies in Dubai that specialize in banking and financial services. Most of these companies do require staff in the customer service.



  15. I am employed as a social worker. Do they have any vacancies in Dubai for social workrs?? If so would you be able to connect me to any social care recruitment agencies please.
    My regards

  16. Looking for a position in a company that will utilize my technical knowledge and
    qualifications in a petrochemical and oil & gas field while providing career growth
    opportunities and job security as well.
    To join a team of professionals in order to contribute my educational and practical skills
    towards the growth of the company

  17. Gangadharan says:

    I am a employee in a MNC in Dubai as Document Controller. I am seeking a partime job.

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hi Gangadharan,

      Part-time gigs are rarely advertised. You need to build your Dubai network (of professional contacts) so you get informed of these opportunities as soon as they become available. Good luck!

  18. I’m trying to find a job in Dubai for over 1 year,nothing came up yet,i’m working as a project manager,and left the UAE 6 months ago hoping things will be different,any one can help with a contact or something?

    • mudassir pasha says:

      hi sir

      i am mudassir pasha i have completed 10+2 & diploma in computer hardware networking wit 2 year exp in hardware networking , i am awaiting your response .

      thank u sir

  19. Hi,
    I am a fresher engineering graduate from India looking for a job in Dubai. Does any company provides training for freshers? How to conduct my job search to work as a trainee?

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hello Aswathy,

      Fresher or not, training is necessary for new employees. However, not all companies in Dubai provide training for new employees. I suggest reviewing How to Conduct Your Search, one of DET’s most useful guides to help you select and use effective search methods. Good luck!.



    I am with MBA finance working in india as a Investment advisor-portfolio-wealth management-and i am
    planning to go to dubai for the jobs in the investment banking is the right time to move

    I got 5 yrs of exp..

    If yes and kindly help me out the list job portal in dubai

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hello Hameedullah,

      It is true that Dubai companies have suffered because of the financial crisis, but things are picking up in fast pace. I think the sooner you start, the better chances you will get your dream job. Dubai will always be a hub for individuals who have been raised in an Asian culture yet looking for the western flavor.This link is for some of the best job portals in Dubai.


  21. i am looking for a part time job can u suggest me any thing

  22. rajiv kumar says:

    i want to go dubai through visit visa to search a job .how can i take the visit visa i am in india .and where i stay in dubai for cheapeast acomodation.

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hi Rajiv,

      This link will provide you with all the information you need regarding Dubai visit visa. As for cheap accommodation, the cheapest hotels in Dubai can be found in the Deira and Bur Dubai areas.


  23. Sanju George says:

    I joined at Mahe Manipal Dubai Campus for my MBA and me with my brother at Abu Shagara Sharja, I am looking for a job at Sharjah or Dubai, i did my B.Com Grduation but not having any experiance, My class will be 7pm-10pm. So i can work for a straight shift, Would u please help me?

  24. Hi,

    I am a software engineer with 2 years of experience in java and testing.currently i am in dubai on husbands visa.i am searching for a job for past 3 months but nothing came up yet.could you help me

    • I hope you have been lucky with that.I’m in your same situation now.2 years experience in JAVA and PHP..and I’ve been a resident in Dubai for 2 years now..and I just started looking for a job.Any luck with that?

    • jissa/sara

      Did you get any software job? are you working in any organization. I’m also in the same situation. Could you please tel me what is the situation there.

  25. Hi,
    I am an experienced Telecom Copper Cable Technician. I have worked in the Middle East and with other Telecom Companies in Asia and Presently working in Canada. I have searched for Companies requiring Cable Supervisory position in UAE but to no avail. I would like to work in this region if you can suggest or recommend something to me. Would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi,

    i am currently working as a senior accountant, and i am looking forward to work at UAE, so if some one could help me at this or even guide me where shall i submit my CV, will be appreciated very much

  27. Hi, Can anyone let me know that is it legal in Dubai to do part time jobs apart from the job which we already had. If yes then I am ready to go for it. I think giving tuitions would be better right? Please let me know if there are any students who are looking for a teacher. I can teach Mathematics, Electronics, Science very well and when I was in my native place I used to give tuitions.

    I will be grateful to you if anyone provide me the details.

  28. sharda chatterjee says:


    I am living and working in new delhi, India. And i’m regiously looking to shift to dubai for work. My total work experience is 6years+ in customer service industry(call centre/bpo). But i’m an undergraduate. Am i eligible to apply for jobs? If yes, then what kind of jobs? Are call centres jobs available in dubai?

  29. I would like to work in Dubai. I am a Filipina accountant with ten year experience in accounting.
    I am currently working in a government agency here. What will I do to find a good job in Dubai.
    Please help me get there for work.

    Thanks and more power.


  30. I am currently looking for a job in Dubai. I have more than six years of experience in Warehousing and Shipping. I hold a position of Senior Supervisor and looking to shift work to Dubai. If anyone knows a vacancy that fits my experience,please help me.


  31. Mohomed Roshan says:

    Hi !
    Im looking for a Job in Shipping and Logistics field since im having 10years experince in this particular field covering export documentation and Sales/Marketing- agency negotiation and developments,
    further im from colombo and looking for a job in UAE,

    please help me to go for a good break considering my experience and capacity


  32. Mekha Kamal says:

    I am a MCA software professional seeking programming jobs for the last one year ,but not able to find a job.Everywhere people are asking for the experience.To get this experience somebody has to provide the job??? Please help me to find a job.


    Mekha Kamal

  33. rubina husain says:

    I am fresher in the field of legal faculty i want to work in dubai because my husband is working in dubai company name is “tencate” i did B.A.L.L.B. and i am seekng the jobs in dubai.
    if you have some idea or suggetion please reply me as soon as possible.

  34. hi,

    i am looking for a job of HR in dubai.i m a freher.please suggest me something.

    thank you!

  35. I am a muslim lady,an advanced diploma holder of community development,social work and project management.i would like to work in Dubai.any assistance will be highly appreciated.thank you

  36. I need a job in dubai…..nw im in India………Im a MBA person…….

  37. Yemisi Adediji says:

    I am a medical laboratory technician, i work with oluyoro catholic hospital for the past two years ago.I wish to work in any routine laboratory where diagnosis are carried out on patients in dubai.

  38. Hai,

    I am planning to be there in Dubai On April 1 st week and am looking out for a jb as front office staff with accommodation is it possible for me?

  39. Mohideen Riswan says:

    Assalamu alikum,
    I did MBA in Logistics and Shipping . Currently am working as a commercial executive in Shipping company in india.
    Can u guide me to get a good career in any logistics and shipping company in dubai?
    may i know current job scenario in this field.

  40. shakte lama says:

    hellow i am shakte lama from nepal. i a have gurkhas security (pltd)in nepal so any companies want any kind of workers plzz contact me given add(

  41. Hi. Im a US citizen seeking a job in dubai. How would I approach a entry level data entry job in dubai. nabel

  42. i need a job in uae…


    • SSLC: With 87%.

    • 12th grade: With 79%.

    • DEGREE: BSc. Computer Applications With 89%.

    • MBA – Distant Education, IGNOU University – 78%

    ITIL Level 1 Certified with 100% marks

    Knowledge in 1099 Patching, CPU Patching, Vertex Quantum & Sales Updating (Learned on Job, with the help of internal team members)

    Excellent Communication skills.

    C, C++, VB, Java


    Attended Training on Data Ware Housing in 2007.

    Total EXPERIENCE: 5 years

    Quality Assurance Analyst – Problem Management: (Dec 12 2005 till Sept 11 2006): In Oracle Technology Park on contract Basis employed from ASM Technologies Ltd.

    Program Office Analyst – Release Management: (Oct 11th 2006 till 19th Jul 2007): In Oracle Technology Park on contract Basis employed from ASM Technologies Ltd.

    Associate Technical Analyst – Release Management: On Roles @ Oracle Corporation from 19th Jul 2007 till date.

    Promoted to Technical Manager (Release Management & Change Management): Team Leader for a team of 14 members from April 2009.

    Rated with point 5 respectively (2009 & 2010 Appraisals).

    Received Outstanding Performer for the FY 2008.

  43. Adeyemi olabisi olufunke says:

    dubai administrative job.i’l be very grateful,if i can be fortune and become one of ur staff.

  44. i living in dubai for last 7 years , i looking for job as Pa , executive secretary , customer service officer ,i v been traying many websites , but without hopes . thanks for helping me .

  45. shoukathali says:

    am shoukathali completed three year diploma in hotel management holding two certificates those are one of approved by AH&LA American Hotel Lodging and Association and one of approved by central govt of India past one year have done as a sales man now am looking for a hospitality job can suggest me a path.

  46. Gravure Printing Machine Operator, with 6 years experience in flexible printing & packaging in Pakistan. Email: / Contact # 00923214772646.

  47. aishwarya says:

    this is aishwarya MBA (shipping and logistics)fresher seeking for a job in dubai or anywher ? pls some one help how to get into it?

  48. hi

    iam in sharjha in a visiting visa searching for a a bsc physics graduate ,with experience in leather testing in clri in also having experience in EFFLUENT TREATEMENT PLANT ..please assist me in getting a job?waiting for yourreply..please some one help me

  49. Am Lutwama Sunday 27 years of age and i have working experience of 5 years y,living in Uganda Possessing a diploma in information technology and am seeking for a job in Dubai and am currently living in Uganda.

    so i will be happy if helped

  50. I am amhar, 23years of age, Master Degree holder in Marketing. with 3years Executive level and 1years Managerial level experience in Brand development + Sales and Marketing. I am planning to come to UAE on next week. can i find a job