Telemarketer Position in Dubai

Job Description:

Primarily positions in the customer service industry, banking and finance jobs in Dubai include this position in their list because in most cases, banks and financial services companies here do not outsource these positions to the customer service industry. Many financial companies choose to build an in-house team of telemarketers to handle their sales activities.


• Sales-calling. This is primarily the task performed by telemarketers. Often, they call prospects who do not have account with the bank yet and encourage them to use their services. Often, if they are selling to employees of various companies, they push for Checking/Savings Accounts (CASAs), credit cards or loan products.

• Information Handling. Often, as telemarketers go about doing their sales calls, prospects would bombard them with questions pertaining to various aspects of business. As they handle their phone calls, telemarketers act like human FAQ specialists, explaining options, policies and other related information to clients.

• Documentation and Recording. As they go about their sales calls, telemarketers update their CRM databases and write reports on each phone call. When they succeed in making a sale, i.e., when clients agree to open an account with the bank, telemarketers collect relevant client information to effect such account openings and forward these to account managers for follow up.


• Education- Some college is a common requirement, although experience in customer relations or client services is given more weight in the selection process.

• Technical Skills. Experience in the customer service industry is often a requirement, along with familiarity with any Client Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Excellent English communication skills is a must. Unless specified as a primary qualification, spoken Arabic is a core advantage.

• Other Requirements – Patience, professionalism and forbearance are necessary attributes required of most telemarketers. Stress-management skills would also be helpful as the job would generally be stressful. The Dubai market does not like telemarketers any less than the American or European market does.

Salary Range:

AED 3,500-8,000, often on salary plus commission basis.

Employers’ Description:

Banks and other financial services companies, including real estate and mortgage firms requiring telemarketers are generally developing business in the Dubai market. Often, these are Middle East branches of foreign financial services firms who are looking to penetrate the Dubai market. In established banks, telemarketers are required to generate sales and expand the bank’s market by offering additional financial products to existing clients.

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