Bank Teller Position in Dubai

Job Description:

This position is not unique to the banking industry even if banks are the only firms offering daily mercantile services that bring about a huge daily transaction volume. Other financial services firms offering quasi-banking functions such as Western Union for money transfers, also hire tellers.


• Deposit/Payment Processing. Typically, bank tellers accept deposits, pay checks, receive associated payments and claims either for the specific client account or for third parties.

• Over-the-Counter Transactions. Exchanging foreign currencies, issuing of traveler’s checks, receipt and recording of loan payments on a per-transaction basis is also part of a teller’s job description.

• Specialized Tasks. Recordkeeping, tracking and reporting may also be required of tellers at the end of each day, depending on the type of transactions they process.


• Education – At least a high school diploma is required but banks would prefer applicants with some college or graduates of associated courses looking for entry-level positions. In most cases, banks will offer training courses for new tellers as part of orientations to have them be familiar with internal control systems. Credit units earned in training on related fields would be a huge advantage.

• Technical Skills. Proficiency with computers and office machines is a requirement as tellers work with these on a daily basis.

• Other Requirements. Attention to detail is a must. Excellent organizational skills is also important.

Salary Range:

AED 3,000-4,500

Employers’ Description:

Banks are the primary employers of tellers. Depending on the size, a bank may hire one teller for specific functions or could hire one to do multiple teller functions. In larger banks, it’s not uncommon to have one teller attending to deposit accounts and other processing payroll checks and still another, taking care of third-party payments. In any case, vault tellers perform specialized functions and the position is often given to more experienced tellers.

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