Dubai Jobs Scams

Job Sites Scams

As you look for a job in Dubai, you will come across lots of websites that claim to offer a service that helps job seekers find a job. Many of these websites are, bluntly put, scams.

Here’s how an intelligent person might fall victim to these scams:

By searching online, you might end up in a very nice looking website and you will find a list of adequately named job positions, such as “Accountant,” “Project Manager,” “Human Resources Manager,” etc. You might then think to yourself, “Great! That’s exactly what I want to do.” So, you register, spend time filling out all the forms, upload your CV, and click “Apply”

Two days later, you receive a very positively sounding email that is written in a way to make you think that your application has been successful and all that is stopping you from securing a job interview and hopefully a job offer from Dubai is a relatively small fee that you have to pay to this website from which you applied for this job!

You may even be told that by paying this fee you are guaranteed to find a job or your money back. Then when you read the fine print or investigate deeper, you realize that they’ll honor this claim only after half a year had passed, if at all!

What do you get in return for your payment? Mostly, nothing of value to you.

Before you pay up, always know exactly what you are paying for and who you are dealing with.

Recruitment Agency Scams in Dubai

Many job seekers don’t fully understand the role of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies are not employers. Recruitment agencies work for employers. They help employers fill vacancies, and when they do that successfully, they get paid by the employer, not the job seeker.

Remember, job seekers are sellers and employers are buyers. In most cases, commission to the broker is paid by the buyer; with recruitment agencies and hiring there is no exception.

But because most job seekers are unaware of this relationship, they end up being taken advantage of.

Here’s how you might fall for a scam recruitment agency or agent:

You go to a popular online classifieds or a newspaper in Dubai and you advertise in the jobs wanted section. You put your email or your telephone number. Then, you receive a call from somebody who tells you that they are interested in getting you hired. You will naturally get excited and do as they say. Then, sooner or later, they will ask you to pay them!

At this point, you should realize that they are trying to scam you, and you should go wild on them.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. Danish Rasheed says:

    Hay Webmaster!
    i cam across a job advertisment on Khaleejtimes Classified Online edition couple of weeks back for some job in dubai, after reviewing i found that i fit in many opening in one company, that company only gives a telephone number to contact, i contacted them via phone while i was in Pakistan, i was surprised to hear that i got selected for some job and they are offering me visa, all i need to do is to send them 100 AED in Sharjah, the person i spoke with was NEHA, she sounded like an indian lady, with probably Dehli or Mumbai Accent, Barely speaking english, anyhow she told me to send my freind over to the office located in Sharjah, and to call her on her personal Cellphone (the only number), i was suspicious from the very begining but trying to get to the depth, also i was in process to complete my Documentations, anyhow i called my friend who is in Dubai to ask him to deliver my CV, Photograph, Passport Copy and 100 AED to the office, my Frined told me that he had tried the number many times, but no answer, i did had the same experience many times in the meanwhile, i tried her number today and she picked it up on the second ring, i asked her why she was not picking her cell up when my friend was calling, she told may be i missed it as i recieve so many calls, i asked her to give me her Address, she told me to ask my frend to have a call and than she will give the address, i again ask her to give me the address so i will forward the address for immediate contact, than she gave me the address, she was so nervous and fumbling in the process, the address was (Sharjah rolla near rotana hotel, public discount center, palm land hotel,
    al-nabba building, 201, 2nd floor.

    Alnejoom al)

    and than she disconneted the line pretending that it got cut somehow, i googled the address on the internet and found out that this is a big fraud company and they are running a scam, Thanks to the Internet and my SIX sense that saved me but what about others, how may illitrate or uneducated, or rather non-skilled people get scammed daily, can you please do something for them as your website is great help for others, can you add a link in your website stating all Blacklist Companies and save many Lives, as for an individual like me is dependand on those last 100 AED. Please respond

    Danish Raheed

    Farud was done by:

    00971508467243 name is Neha

    Address:Sharjah rolla near rotana hotel, public discount center, palm land hotel,
    al-nabba building, 201, 2nd floor.

    Company Name: Al-nejoom Blah Blah

    • Prateeksha says:

      Thank you for sharing the experience.

      I had the same experience with MAYA GULF( consulting company ..
      I was called to Ajman for an interview and asked to pay 200AED as agreement frees .
      I refused to pay the amount and walked out .but going to ajman and coming back to dubai wasted a lot of my time .I had clearly asked the lady whether it was recruitment agency for hiring company .She very confidently denied any scam and asked me to check for the authenticity for the firm .

      Anyone having any idea about this consulting company ,please reply me .

    • well i been to the same agency 2 days back and i met a applicant from maya gulf.who had applied with the agency and has already found a job with the help of the recruitment i dont beleive all agencies are the same..there are some genuine companies in UAE. as well as i found their whole procedure convincing unlike other fake agencies…

    • Prateeksha says:

      Thanks for the info ..but as per laws the employers are the ones who pay the recruiting agencies according to the salary on which the employee is placed.and so demanding money for forwarding a cv is never a right option .As per me , their procedure is same as agencies who used to dupe people..
      So you can never be too sure of an agency and its authenticity ..

      well gud luck with your job search ..

    • Sasikumar says:

      Yeah i got many information frm my frnd here who said not to pay any money .. so i was aware of it.. and i think there are consultancy like FSI, naida, gulftalent, etc which will help you..

    • Midhun.s .nair says:

      well i have come across alot of scam recruitment companies as well.i dont find any harm in consultancies charging candidates or i dont beleive that consultancies or recruitment companies have to work for charity…until and unless the candidate finds the right job!We have lots of rules and regulations in UAE which are not followed by the lets face it!!they can charge if they can deliver…..

    • suhail ahmad says:

      salam my brother ‘

      i also faced the same story bt u was lucky that u was safe and i had given 200 uae drhms and u know i was searching job for my self ,,,and the 200 i gave was a loane from my friends..,, and the one was core elements and the girl’sname was chetna sharma and she was also from india in dec 2008…..but what to say ,,,, i have no words to say about these peoples

    • Hi,

      me and my wife just went to Ajman (on Sept 26 2011), Hyundai showroom blg. Room 210, the name of the office is Western Global. The lady said that we need to pay for the insurance amounting to 200 dhs. we did pay and waited for a call. Today Sept 27th, she received a call from a guy with a different number. He said that she needs to pay another 200 dhs this time for the processing of her offer letter. We just realized that we are a victim of a SCAM, but it’s too late. We don’t know how we can get back the money. I have read that some of these SCAMMERS are harassing applicants who are trying to get their money back. There’s an article we read from gulfnews that Police can not do anything about it because this is not a crime? If they can’t help us, then who can?

    • I had the same experience with DELIGENT consulting company ..
      I was called to Ajman for an interview and asked to pay 200AED as agreement fees.they told me that they will call me but a week ago nobody call me from that agency,so i try to come back to that office in ajman,i got a second interview and they told me that i have offer letter already as a promoter for a electronics and they need me to pay additioanl 300 dhs for the contract and typing.i dont know what happened to me i tried to refused to pay the amount and walked out but something course,i did to pay 300 dhs i pay the total amount of 500 dhs.
      any body knows this DELIGENT CONSULTING COMPANY located in Ajman bank 307 ajman

    • pollneerali says:

      New member
      From: Dubai
      Registered: 2012-03-02
      Posts: 1

      Re: fraud companies

      Many cheating companies are in UAE and Dubai. Many people are being cheated by these companies by giving job offer and not paying salary. Ortronics LLC, P.O Box 48715 , Dubai, UAE is one among them. Don’t be cheated by this fraud company running by a group of fraud people. Don’t accept any job offer from this company, accept only if you are ready to work without salary , they wont pay you anything. Their salary budget in only once in 4 months, ie 4 salary in one year ! If any one forced to complete 1 year in this fraud Ortronics , there will be an 8 months salary pending, Great ??? Presently around 20 people, most of them are Indians are being cheated this way, just starving without food in a foreign country …..

    • pollneerali says:

      Many cheating companies are in UAE and Dubai. Many people are being cheated by these companies by giving job offer and not paying salary. Ortronics LLC, P.O Box 48715 , Dubai, UAE is one among them. Don’t be cheated by this fraud company running by a group of fraud people. Don’t accept any job offer from this company, accept only if you are ready to work without salary , they wont pay you anything. Their salary budget in only once in 4 months, ie 4 salary in one year ! If any one forced to complete 1 year in this fraud Ortronics , there will be an 8 months salary pending, Great ??? Presently around 20 people, most of them are Indians are being cheated this way, just starving without food in a foreign country …..

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Danish.

    As a rule of thumb, it is advised not to pay for submitting your CV.

    Creating a list of scammers is a good idea to shame those who commit these acts. I’m working on creating more helpful guides for people who are looking for work in Dubai, and once I’m done with those, I will consider creating a “Hall of Shame” where we can all list these scammers and their contact information.

    Thanks a lot and good luck with your search,

    • reymundo macasadia says:

      I had the same experience with DELIGENT consulting company ..
      I was called to Ajman for an interview and asked to pay 200AED as agreement fees.they told me that they will call me but a week ago nobody call me from that agency,so i try to come back to that office in ajman,i got a second interview and they told me that i have offer letter already as a promoter for a electronics and they need me to pay additioanl 300 dhs for the contract and typing.i dont know what happened to me i tried to refused to pay the amount and walked out but something course,i did to pay 300 dhs i pay the total amount of 500 dhs.
      any body knows this DELIGENT CONSULTING COMPANY located in Ajman bank 307 ajman.

  3. Hi All,
    Great and informative website I must say…I had a similar experience with a company here in dubai called “CORAL ELEMENTS” they BIG scammers and fraud company. Some filipino girls calls you and tell you to come alone at their office..and when u ask technical questions to them about how did u get my resume and what post I’ve applied..well no answer rather they will get nervous..and later when you will reach there they will ask you for 1000 to 2000 US$..Shame on them and related be aware and like M. Safi.list them here and good luck.

  4. Danish Rasheed says:

    is it Core Elements, with web address please correct if you wanted to write Core Elements

  5. Amna Siddiqui says:

    List of scammers that advertise through Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

    The other ones call
    1) Call you to Fardan centre
    2) Near Rotana Hotel is called Nojoom AL Tessa
    3) Corniche Plaza building 404 or something

    Whenever you call someone for a position,
    ask them if they are those companies that charge you 100 for opening a file

    It doesnt stop there, then they will charge you 200 dhs
    for arranging an interview.

  6. Danish Rasheed says:

    Thanks Amna!

    Can you please write more about these people, as it would help more.

    Danish Rasheed

  7. I had the same experience with those called Core elements. They called me for an interview, When I asked for which role? they told me you will know when you come. When I met the lady there, she told me they have one opening in Abudhabi, 2 in Qatar , 1 in Sharja and one in Australia. (who would believe that?)

    Then they asked for 150 AED to submit the CV and follow up. I rejected and just walked away. They just wasted my time and effort, shame one them.

  8. Just a reply on Basha’s remark abve.
    I had the same experience with Core Elements,
    and unfortunately, yes, i did pay them 150 DHS.
    The lady told me that there is 3 possbile positions for me which I have applied for only on two in the Gulf News – Appointment section.
    She said she will forward my CV to her clients and get back to me in one week, I am a good candidate. I didn’t get the phone call, but did receive an email to sya: sorry, your job application has been unsucsesful… but they will keep on trying.

    Another Job Scam place/website is
    Loade my CV on their website. Got a call within a coupke of days… and believe it or not! They ask something like 348 USD. When I told her i’m not interested, because i have burnt my fingers with a company in UAE she couldn’t even finish her sales pitch!

    • Well ladies and gentlemen

      it appears to me that honest good service companies in the region are being slighted by crooks who beleive they can rip people off on a daily basis.

      Heres the thing are a SCAM site, full stop.

      They provide a notional service of very poor quality, charge a fortune and then disappear from sight.

      I fell into the trap of a promise of a ‘Golden CV’ that would not fail to attract a top role in Dubai, you know what the first draft, first sentence, three spelling mistakes, then they sent my cv to rubbish sites, with grammatical errors that make me look stupid, when I investigated the sites they sent too they where rubbish.

      Further investigation revealed they are a WELL KNOWN Scam, so here is my advice.

      BEFORE you part with any money for any service, CHECK the web for scam information on the particular company, The NIGERIAN scams are now well known and no longer work, it now appears we have the DUBAI scam, which is simply to prey on individuals who are looking to better themselves by offering a fast track to a great chop, truth is I no longer trust anything coming out of Dubai or infact the whole region……

      Shame really but there you have it

      Trust no one, question everything, pay nothing!

  9. Am doing investigations on a company called,thy tuk ma money but thy havent said aword

  10. God, these people at “Core Elements” are a fraud. I knew it since the very day i went there. I did pay them AED 150. I think i should tell you the whole story so here it is.

    I saw an add in Gulf News by this company and applied to a position mentioned in it. I rcvd a call very next day. The lady asked me to come for an interview. Next day i went running to their office. A lady (right now im forgetting her name) took my interview. She said they have exclusive hiring contracts with 36 major employers all around the world, and there are currently 6 job vacancies for the position i have applied for, out of which 2 r in Abu Dhabi, 2 in Dubai and 1 in Australia. Then she asks me, ” Will you be ok with travelling if you get the job in Australia”, and i replied YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. HAHAHAHAHA. LYING BITCH. I must tell here that i did notice that during this whole conversation she never took a look at my CV, and i wasnt finding her professional at all. After that she tells me I am shortlisting you but in order for your resume to be shown to all our employers, you will to be our member and that will be for AED 150. Will you pay in cash or by card. And i paid in cash. I regret it till this date. I was sent to their other office in Crown Plaza the next day. When i went there, i found one lady who took my interview and wrapped it up inside 2 minutes as if she was in extreme hurry. After that i never got a call from them. Well after this whole episode i was quite doubtful. But at the same time i was asking myself why will they cheat people. And i got the answer on my own. I have real estate experience in dubai. This company has 2 offices, 1 in deira and 2nd in Crown Plaza on sheikh zayed road. The collective annual rent for the offices for one year can not be more than AED 500,000. If these people manage to get AED 150 from an average of 15-20 people on daily basis, in one year this alone generates them a revenue of over a million dirhams, and lets not forget, the same office is being used for other business purposes also by the owner of Core Elements. So not only Core Elements is paying for the office rent, also it is taking care of the bloody salaries of the whole staff. Isnt it a great business for this cheap and low life Syrian who is the owner of Core Elements. He is using an office and staff which is being paid by the public for him while he is sitting there and doing other businesses and making lots of money. Shame on him and Shame on his coming generations. Guys DO NOT PAY MONEY TO LOW LIFES LIKE THEM..


  12. Hello guys am looking for an accountant job,itried tha gulftalent.Com,does anyone has n experience in dealing with this online co. Please help

  13. i got a call for an interview tomorrow at core is this agency?

  14. Be careful poppy core elements r a big fraudstars and that syrian owner needs sme discipline al tha best dont gve out cash

  15. Recently I have served in web “Job In Dubai” applied a Job.They send me a pre-screening questionnaire and submit to them immediately.I managed to do so.After 12 hours later I got a replied from the “Job In Dubai” recruitment agencies and asked me to pay $92 CAD.As I know we don’t have to pay single money to the agencies.By the right “Recruitment” agencies as seller,whereby employer as a buyer.In between we got nothing to do with money.

    To play safe.My advise is please do confirm first from complaint web before you proceed further.There are penalty of fraud recruitment agencies & employer on line. Be careful don’t get cheat your money by certain culprit.This kind of culprit we also so called blood sucker “Vampire”.God Bless You.

  16. Khawaja Zeeshan says:

    I am very much helpful for your review for core element. As i have received call frm them and they asked me to come for interview tommorow 9. am. He also informed me that the office address and recruiter details will be sms on your cell number. He disconnected the call. I started thinking when did i register with them for job. I just search core element and i found your post. Thanks for saving my time and money. I appreciate your concern for saving innocent job seeker from their fraud and i am one of them .Pls keep psoting fraud companies or agencies for job recruiter so that more ppl will save from others too. I wish if there should be some agency from government and they register jobless ppl resume and forward them to companies ot their should be some system for companies who are seeking to hire staff should place their requirement to government agency or body. Thanks everyone

  17. ANGRY PERSON says:

    Don’t ever trust CORE ELEMENTS and a consultancy in Sharjah which is AL QABAS INTERNATIONAL located at Al Buheira corniche Road. They are FRAUD, SCAM!!! They take advantage. I myself can’t believe that I fall for their lies. I spend money for taxi and time which even made me late for my current work. They are not even qualified interviewers. I saw a lot people going to that two consultancy, and I hope they realize that they are being victimize. Specially for that Al Qabas in Sharjah…100dhs for Form, 300 dirhams for Job Confirmation, and sooner they will ask 2,000 dirhams for Visa. They will have their own time. Evil will never be successful and im sure in other way, what they’ve done, they will pay for it.

    • I am a victim of core elements , they are more dangerous than BIN Laden , GOVerment of dubai has to take immediate action other wise its shame for Ministry

  18. Mohammed is just speaking the gospel truth. When they ask you for money, please decline as they are pure scammers!


  19. I totally agree on the above posts mentioned by few of the desperate job seekers. I too was happy when I had received the call for an interview, but when asked to pay AED 150/- was a bit perplexed. Since they threw a positive approach on me, I went into an agreement with them.
    I curse the day when I had paid them the amount. This was absoutely stupid. They opened my account with them and told me that when they would forward my CV to them they will send me a mail. I was assured that my CV would be sent the very same day. Till date I receive no response. I was interviewd by lady Sebastian. I am unable to reach her on the phone. They do not answer any calls. Oh yes and the call centre agents talk with a great Brit accent. Utterly rubbish accent (put on) and not polite and helpful . They slam the phone on your face. They keep you on hold and tell that will transfer the line, but after 1.30 minutes they slam the phone without giving any reasons. They would be having a caller ID so if you try to call them again, they do not respond to the call.

    PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT INVEST / WASTE YOUR MONEY IN THIS AGENCY. It is a pure SCAM and trying to squeese poor job seekers pockets with AED 150/-.

    Please note they do not place their advertisement with their agency. Please do not post your resume to _____ @

    Choice is ultimately yours.

  20. Sarfaraz Khan says:

    Well it was helpful information. I actually want a job in U.A.E. I have found a recruitment agency. Their website is called Their fee is 92 canadian dollars.

    Can someone tell me if it is a scam or not ?

  21. Core elements are really cheating people. I had the experience from them. I have tried to make the awareness in the public through the one of the leading newspaper in Dubai, where Core elemets usually advertise. But unfortutenly my letter to the editor has not published. You know the reason. They are also making money from these fake recruiting agnecies by their advertisements. Then how they can consider my letter ? Anyway it is better to share our experience to every jobseekers. Government is very clear and specific inthis issue. It is not at all allowed to take any money from a job seeker. But when we look for a job desparately we will be forced to pay 150 buks for a placement. But next time we all should take care ofit.

  22. Hi Mohammed,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the valuable information.

    I am Recruitment Consultant with 6 years of experience and looking for a job in Dubai.

    One of the sites , i had applied came back to me saying that one of the employer is interested in my profile and this site wants me to pay a security amount of $92 CAD.

    Please help and let me know is it worth and hope its not fraud.


    • Don’t waste money .No recruiter will ask money for forwarding resume.Its a scam simply.

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Dear Abihijit,

      Is it a Scam or Not?

      This is a common question. DET has been receiving a lot of similar questions and requests for advice on whether jobhunters are corresponding with legitimate recruiters or websites. I thought to write this brief on evaluating your correspondence with whoever is interested in your resume/CV/profile, to help you evaluate what’s legitimate and what’s not.

      When dealing with recruitment agencies, both on and offline, remember this: Employers who hire recruitment firms pay them for their services.

      Legitimate recruiters DO NOT charge candidates for their services; they charge companies who retain their services for staffing purposes. If anyone or any company, whether online or offline, in your home countries or in Dubai – any company at all, asks you to pay whatever sum which they may call by various names (brokerage fees, security deposit, facilitation fee, etc), be wary. This is a red flag for a possible scam.

      This is not to say however, that you shouldn’t get charged any fees at all by recruitment or HR firms. Especially if you’re seeking overseas employment and doing your job search in your home countries, your local/national laws may allow recruitment firms to charge jobseekers a certain fee for specific services prior to employment. These services may include going through pre-employment medical/physical exams, visa facilitation fees, etc.

      A good gauge of possible scam or fraud is this: Are you getting any real value for what you’re paying for or are you being sold a pipe dream? If you’re buying a ‘possibility’ of being considered by a prospective employer, you’d be better off buying a lottery ticket.

      Jobseekers are sellers – you’re selling your skills and your services. Companies and Recruiters are buyers – they’re buying your time and your services. In the regular marketplace, who pays and who gets paid? Think about it.

      Best of luck to you!

  23. shoe backer says:

    The question at hand has not been addressed. Very clever threatening to prosecute people that voice their opinions in Dubai, thats just traits of this region and you guys play into it very well.

    Bayt and its clans are not going to return back my money by posting a lousy come-back to my complaints. I am short of $250 thats almost a 1000 AED. Unlike you, I can give you my name, and its Anand Malhotra and I have paid you for your service 4 months ago. I want Bayt and its owners to be responsible of its illegal scam charge that they procure to get job seekers hired.

    I do not care if Rabea Ataya has received his Knighthood. He is a FRAUD and that doesn’t change for me only because he charges poor job seekers $250 for a CV that is not justified in content nor is it justified in layout. Only charge if you can honor your claims, you clearly have not, in my case rather or perhaps many more who do not know how to voice their opinions online. I bet you guys rather deal with jobs seekers that fax in their CV’s or call you for an appointment.

    My order number is 5543325.22 thats all you need to know in order to track my payment made on November 24th, 2009. The position that I have applied for was for an Accountant Analyst.

    If you issue me a refund, I will reduce or quit the frequency of my postings as a sign of good faith from other sites. I will also give you another week or so for you to decide what steps you must taken for me to receive this payment.

    Looking forward to your legally coated clever bullshit response that is baseless of material facts. Please do peruse me for prosecution but do return my money back as thats all I need for now.

    I guarantee you that no Indian would ever register on your website if I do not get my money back.

    I have gotten every crafty response from you guys up until now for reasons my money cannot be refunded. I was told that your CV services were availed and that there was no money back guarantee. So what about the job guarantee ? I was under the assumption that I had a job lined up and all I had to do was get my CV created by Bayt.

    I have yet to see what response you guys are capable of coming up with this time.

    This frustration made possible only by Bayt and only in Dubai where company’s like these get away only because money taken from job seekers like me are probably stashed away into the local partners bank account.

    Until next time.

  24. Hi all. I would like to inform anyone reading this that there is a company advertising several jobs on Gulf News by the name of “Al Waseela”. After reading the above statements I feel they are frauds as they ask you to send passport copy, CV and AED 500 for visa!!!! They also state they will provide accommodation and tranport. They claim to be based opposite Sharjah City Centre, above Al Bushra Opticals. They are not professional when talking on the phone either and will disconnect the phone. Some of the workers are called Ahmed Ibrahim, Asima and Tani. If anyone us sure they are not frauds could you please confirm this.

    • Amal Gafoor says:

      i was on the process of getting cheated by AL WASEELAH REQUIREMENTS AND MGMT too.. i went for the first interview n was taken aback as everything seemed so unnaturally smooth. perfect job, timing, area everything! they asked me to pay 150 but i could only make a payment of 50. i got a call next day stating my job has been confirmed n that i need to come in tomorrow with AED 300,4 passport sixe photos, visa n passport copy. that swhwn i got a doubt, even though i was in half mind earlier. when i told my husband we googled abt it n found an entire complaint board abt the company. i dint go for the interview the next day n got a call later in the evening asking me why i hadnt come. i told them abt wat i had read abt their co in the website n he had no explanation to offer! my husband told me that that genuine and reputed requirement agencies dont charge anything from the employer.. its so sad that out of all the people these people are cheating the unemployed who are in so much need of the money they spend on taxis n thn the charges they pay in hope of gettin their ideal job..its haram, thay wont get anywhere like this.. all i can say is ALLAH IS WATCHING

    • Hi all, above the same which is done with me here is 100% frands, please dont go there, and save your money. all in sharjah employments consultants are fake. if company want employee they will hire direcly..

      Gulf News by the name of “Al Waseela”. After reading the above statements I feel they are frauds as they ask you to send passport copy, CV and AED 500 for visa!!!! They also state they will provide accommodation and tranport. They claim to be based opposite Sharjah City Centre, above Al Bushra Opticals. They are not professional when talking on the phone either and will disconnect the phone. Some of the workers are called Ahmed Ibrahim, Asima and Tani. If anyone us sure they are not frauds could you please confirm this

  25. hello

    I going through the gulf news and found an advertisment of job that said that some american school is looking for staff and in the end of that there was the company name “DUBAI GATE MANAGEMENT” also there was a statment that mentioned that candidates ae not going to get charged for it. SO i called them up and the lady her name is noor asked me to come to her office and meet her on friday i was bit suspicious that wot sort of office is it that they dnt have nay holiday… anyways i went there she made a form for me n told me that their company was having a contract with this school for 3 years and they are going to hire for that school. Then she asked me for registration charges and i being stupid gave her coz she said that they are going to be refundable if i dont qualify for the second interveiw with their company so i got the second interveiw call and got qualified in the so called interveiw. The guy who took da interveiw his name is Rashid after the interveiw they asked me to give AED 300 as consultancy fee. ohh and my bad luck gave that bastard da money and he said that he will give me a call in two days and he neva called back again. Two days back wen i read that this was just a scam i called them again and again and shouted on them because they were keeping on telling to call after 15 mins and i again got a call from a lady today that if i was interested in school who is loacted in some other state and i said noo where is the school about which u told me before. She excused and said that she is unable to cotact that employer and bla blah. She asked me if i am interested then i should go to their office in sharjah al Khan Carrefour and form their she will take me to the school i refused to go there.
    Now i am gona wait for a day more and then i will go and take care of them and i will c how they r not going to return my money and i will tell every1 sitting their that dnt waste ur money here.

  26. Chowdhury says:

    Not only core element, there are so many fraud recruitment company in sharjah based please keep far from them for save your time & money

    • One of the most fraudulant company is FOREIGNERS MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY in sharjah ,headed by some ugly ******* who calls himself manager and will make you comfortable and will listen to you regarding job change and at last he will ask for 300 AED or 500 AED as consultancy fee .he will tell you he has reach in minstry and can give you a job in sharjah International Airport as well.While he is a big fraud.He will not give you his mobile number but will give you a reciept and your serial number to call on.He will not recieve even a single call of yours nor will anyone in the consultancy.unfortunatley i paid them AED.So save yourselves from such frauds.
      One more faud consultancy is corelements and i had such an experience in 2008 with them and that time there was this lady sara who was them.I paid them AED150.Also cv services of do not work in UAE as i paid them for services but did not work out.Now to take any such services i google many times before even speaking to them.

  27. I am a resident of Dubai,and recently in search of job I applied for a job that I found in online Gulf News job list on 31st July 2010.
    There I found two contact numbers:0554651233,06-5368556.
    And after contacting one of the consultants named Shama from the mobile No.0554651233 she called me for an interview on 1st August i.e yesterday,So I and my Husband went to the consultancy called DUBAI GATE at around 6:45 pm in Sharjah near Sharjah Millenium Hotel in seek of job as a teacher for a new school to be opened soon after the summer vacation i.e september in Karama or Jumeirah. We came to know about this name Dubai Gate only when we reached there as they only said that it is a Group of Companies in the phone. After reaching there they charged me a 150 AED towards registration fee and said that i will get a call for the interview the very next day and promised verbally that they will refund us the whole money if I am not selected in the interview. Today one of the person from this consultancy called me from No:065549633 and asked me to come tommorow at 02:00pm (i.e-3rd Aug 2010) for a technical interview to be taken by a person named Rashid, and said that if once I get selected I need to pay a 400AED as the Processing fee. When I asked about the details regarding the school they refused to disclose any of the details about the school.
    Being confused by the consultants of this consultancy I happened to browse the internet to find the genuiness of this consultancy (DUBAI GATE) and shockingly I found lot of complaints posted against this consultancy in the below URL.

    (this site opens very slowly)

    Everyone in the above link complains that this is a fraud consultancy cheating the job seekers. So I don’t know what to do now[ Should i proceed further for tommorows interview call or should I claim my money back ], as they did’t give any reciept just they gave me a registration card with a reg. file no. and wrote 150aed paid over it and one of the consultants named Rukaiya signed on it. The card has the following numbers printed on it:
    0971 6 554 9663
    0971 6 554 9662
    0971 6 554 9668
    Address: Dubai Gate
    2nd Floor
    Flat no-210
    Above Carrefour
    Behind Sharjah Millenium Hotel

    PLEASE help me in this regard as I don’t want to get trapped by any kind of fraud.

  28. JOHN DUBA says:


    • Actually police says they cannot do anything with these cases they can onlu sovle crime ,(whattt???/) policeman says last thursday (19 May 2011) when I tried to report AL AIDY AL MAHIRAH EMPLOYMENT & MGM. Actually these was already exposed to Gulf News and I dont know why they are still making money published 30 Sept 2010. What do you think guyssss??????

  29. Me too a vitim of these consultancies…
    I had interacted with AL AIDY AL MAHIRAH EMPLOYMENT & MGM and AL WASEELA REQUIREMENTS & MGMT CONS. These are very big group in Shajah. I am sure when UAE police is so serious about their country Image, they are also involved with this group and sharing our money ( This is pure Haraam). I dont want to ask my money back, but Insha Allah, I have faith on ALLAH , that ALLAh will wil take responsibility of my hard earned money. May Allah show them a right way to leave this business and faith on aaqirah. If I need to take money , Insha Allah i will take their hasanah on Aaqirah from them or they will take my sins from my account.

    But ” For sure you will not get your money back” if you fight for that then you will face UAE police

  30. As I understand it there appears to be a loophole that is exploited by these companies.
    It all depends on what type of trade license they have.
    If it is worded as an employment agency then they cannot charge any fees from the candidate.

    A trade license worded as a “consultancy” or a “management” company then they are legally allowed to charge for their services e.g.”Dubai Gate Management Consultancy”.

    Unfortunately this unethical practice will continue unabated and the classified ads flooded with nonexistent jobs to entice the desperate job seekers.

  31. thank u all…
    as i ws jst saved frm this kind of i cud hve paid them the money as i am desperately searchin fr one.
    I called up this no. tat came in khaleej times today for a teachin post n they askd me to come n attend an interview. I understood tat it ws a recruitment agency n ws thinking why schools r nt conducting interviews themselves. I simply did a google search of this ph no. out of curiosity, in case i get to knw the name of this agency. As they hd nt given me their name n asked me to reach sharjah millenium hotel n give them a call. to my surprise the first site listed ws dubai job scams..
    thank u again fr saving my money n much more precious time.

  32. Want my money bac says:

    For me i want to take the law into my own hands.I will first inform the Police and the ministry of labour of my circumstance and carry out my action.i will go to core element office demand for my money ,if they refuse i will carry some valuable item or destroy things there.When it becomes
    serious i am sure the Police will come in i believe that will bring everything to an end. I am ready to sacrifice for my colleaque job seekers.
    Its not everybody that you can cheat and go free.


  33. Hi all,
    I read all the details of scammers, did any of you guys has well placed, from any of the very good consultants ie can u list down some of the good recriters and you are placed by them in a good company. this may help everyone

  34. Danish Raheed

    Same Farud was done with me.

    00971508467243 name is Neha
    “Al waseela” farud company
    Address:Sharjah rolla near rotana hotel, public discount center, palm land hotel,
    al-nabba building, 201, 2nd floor.

    Company Name: Al-nejoom Blah Blah

  35. Wolf Gemora says:

    head’s up people! core elements is back on its track with a new # 0554733775 an Indian lady speaking on the other line. she’s so in a hurry to answer my queries and ends up fumbling and stammering when i asked her what company is interested on interviewing me. can’t understand the word she said about the company name, only got clear when saying the industries covered by the company. so im gonna wait for her SMS later in the evening for confirmation and im gonna LMAO and not go to their appointed meeting.
    and oh they are not in Sharjah anymore they are somewhere around Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai now. cheers!

  36. rajendran says:

    i am in shariah there is company or bastards operating Dubai gate and cheating poor job sealers they are giving ads in gulf news and Khaleej Times some rims in shariah sometimes in Dubai calling in shariah they are in Dubai from ajman they in shj different ladies name they are cheating people is this with the knowledge with the department otherwise therein somehow is sponsoring a wail hold local man in frond of this frauds better than this they can open a brothel with there families and co laps first the media people know the people don’t take any wast for adding

  37. I actually just received a job offer from core elements around 20 minutes ago from a number very similar to the one Wolf Gemora posted, 0554733774! They also told me they will be sending me an sms with directions to their location, which I found very unprofessional and odd. I actually accepted the interview, but after reading all these comments on this website (amongst many others!) I definitely won’t go! Thanks to all of you for saving my time and money.

  38. new future employment consultancy ( a fraud consultancy) dont go there.they will ask 150-200dhs for registration and then 400 dhs for PRO fees!!!.But one important thing no interview!!!
    i lost my 150 dhs!!!
    this consultancy is in Al qusais,opp to Emirates driving school,Sultan Bldng,103

  39. Dear All,

    Regarding Coreelements I have been scammed by them, they called me and after making an interview for 10 minutes the indian girl asked me to pay 300 AED , I asked her why should I pay she said this is our policies and payment as well as we will rebuild your CV in a professional way as this is an additional service for you, I said ok what if I dont need the CV? she said also you have to pay cause this is our rules, I gave her 300 AED cash and she said only you need to sign here I signed then I discovered later that what is written in the paper is that the 300AED is only for CV building, I called their customer service they never answered the call,I tried to call the number which they sent the invitation sms via it, the number is locked, Please be careful from those scammers..

    Their office is at Grosvenor Commercial office tower, same tower as Noor islamic bank, before crown blaza hotel, Shiekh Zayed road, the interviewer was Farzana shaikh and in her email her name is afshan shaikh.

    Shame on this Syrian owner.

    Any suggestion what we can do to get our money back? or at least stop them of cheating people?


  40. I forgot to mention the office number is 2309, at 23rd floor.

  41. sir; I amNadeem from Pakistan ineed Saudi work visa i am fresh Intermediate education complete sir please issu me work visa.i am very poor person i complete my study i have no expensives please sie help me///email…

  42. Akash Jain says:

    I have been living in Dubai for over 14 years now and these scams are still as common as they used to be 14 years back.

    I would say, don’t dismiss however every job offer as a scam. The acid test is when they ask you to pay. Never pay anyone for getting you a job.

  43. Hi I was also in the process of getting a job offer, and to inform you mr.Danish they’ve just move to another office located in buhairah corniche crystal towers first floor room 104, The indian gril Neha is still there and I was very disapointed to find out that this scam had taken since 2008?.I’m so dissapointed that until now no action from UAE police is taking place. I just want to file a complaint regarding this,so help me guys if you have done it already so I wouldn’t waste my time and effort in report it to the authorities. Thanks

  44. I totally agree with Mohammed’s comments. 100% accurate. Floor Details 2309 , tower information and Interviewer name. As I have been passed more than 14 years in UAE.I had also got same scenario. I don’t know how did then found my details and contact details. As I am already on job in Dubai.
    Shame on this people to do act like this performing to cheat innocent job seekers.
    Dubai law and enforcement agencies/police/CID are very good to keep on eye on such matter in coordination with Labour ministry but I don’t understand Why they are keeping quite.
    Advice: don’t consider such people they just cheat you and waste your time and money.

  45. Thankful says:

    Thanks alot for all those that put the scam warning about core elements. I just recieved a call today form them on this number: 0554735374 and they sent me their adress details through sms. It is the same adress that Mohammad mentioned so I will not go for the interview. They did not mention any details regarding any specific position or company that was interested in my CV just like what has been mentioned.

    Thanks alot.
    Goodluck to all.

  46. Siva Sankaran says:

    Similarly …there is now a new company called fast track/ best track or btc dubai scaming people, trying to get in touch with people and lure them into making payments to get listed in their database. they called and when asked how they got the resume or what position it was for… ended up in a verbal duo… had to give him a piece of my mind.
    contact number- 04- 3593622

  47. need cha says:

    I got an interview from maya gulf in ajman also today, i called their exact location and asked if i need to pay for registration fee, the girl said 100 dirhams, i said i dont have money for it and i’m not sure for it……….

  48. Can any body tell me about the consultancy group called MayaGulf at AJMAN they told me about 300 aed and they will have an assesment test on behalf of a company and finally company will have formal interview and will be providing visa and offer letter.

    So kindly give me a correct information about the consultancy Mayagulf (AJMAN) and its authencity

    please I need feedback from you

    • yes this is the only consultancy who are really providing a job….i got the job from maya gulf and iam sure they will help you too INSHALLAH.

  49. Sathish polson says:

    Jobs Scams
    I had the same experience with a consulting company. I was called to sharjah- Dubai islamic bank building,blockc, floor3,no301- for an interview. A lady interview me name Roshy she said your appointment letter ready come saturday and collect your appointment letter she offer a good salary with accomatation,insurence,transport etc.Then she asked 500aed for emergency process or 300dhms for normal process.I refused to pay the amount and returned, but i spend more money for the taxi and they waste my time. When she call me i had clearly asked the lady whether it was recruitment agency. she very contifently said her company is the direct interview for that jafza based company.
    Thar office at Sharjah near immigration office, Dubai islamic bank building. Be care full. I think many companylike this in that particular area.
    Creating a list of these people is a good idea to focus them.

  50. Guys never visit MAYA GULF, AJMAN they will simply charge 300 aed and cant arrange interview, I have experienced it and there was a guy called Md. Agha he is one of the culprit, he will talk nicely but after taking money he hardly pick his phone another guy is also there called Demi he is some what bette but it is uselesss to pay 300 AED. so be careful you may convinced by seeing their office and the lady staff the way they talk, all are just show case so dont waste your valuable 300 aed ….

    • poging lamig says:

      Just a couple of meters away from the Ajman labor Office, I was invited for a job interview. They introducew themselves as Maya Gulf Consulting. After careful consideration and research, i learned that the company is a scam. The best part is, they are lurking around the labor office in Ajman. Are the authorities doing anything about this? Or maybe they have connections within the labor office itself?