The Recruitment Process in Dubai

How Do Companies in Dubai Go About Recruiting Employees From Within and Outside of Dubai

The answer to this question depends on the rank of the position you’re seeking. If you’re gunning for the middle to top management positions e.g., HR or Purchasing Manager to Director for Sales & Marketing, the companies interested in your qualifications are going to go beyond the regular process to have you in for an interview. And these are normally the multi-national corporations. When they don’t have anyone in-house to fill the vacancy, they’d normally go to recruitment firms for an executive search.

They would normally use several recruitment firms at once. When the firms have narrowed down the selection, company HR director will review the recommendations of the firm and make a shortlist. When you wind up in that shortlist, the fun begins. They will either fly you in for an interview, all expense paid, of course, or if they have regional headquarters where you’re at, they will ask you to report to someone there, or they can arrange for a video-conference to interview you. Make no mistake about it, if they want you, they have both the money and the technology to see if you are really what they truly need or want.

If you’re looking for a staff position or non-core position such as office assistants, administrative assistants and other similar positions, company managers won’t be too concerned about your qualifications but of your ability to perform well enough to suit their needs.

Another important factor that determines how you might be recruited is your current location. Obviously, recruiting someone from abroad is more expensive than sourcing your workforce locally. Holding all things equal, if the choice boils down to two candidates and one of them is already physically in Dubai, employers would go for someone already in the country. As Labour Laws dictate, employers cover all expenses related or incidental to recruitment and hiring of their employees, companies would save a whole lot of money if the candidate is already in.

Many job seekers go on foot from building to building, floor to floor, office to office and hand their resumes to the receptionist at each place of business they can get into. Others scour the internet and the papers for email addresses or fax numbers and send out their resumes and CVs electronically. We wouldn’t recommend that you do this, however. As it very time and resource consuming and it isn’t nearly as effective as utilizing the tools that we provide on this website.

If You’re Outside of Dubai, Should You Come to Dubai to Look for a Job?

Whether or not it’s wise to come to Dubai as a tourist or visitor to actively look for a job here is a dilemma to many people. Visiting Dubai is not an inexpensive trip, especially for people who desperately need jobs. There is no assurance that you’ll get hired when you’re here and are actively looking. While many have found success with their efforts and their investments have paid off, there are equally many who have failed and have gone back to their home countries jobless and buried in debt because of the job-hunting trip they took.

The best way, therefore, is to go halfway. What does that mean? Well, be willing to spend for a trip prior to getting hired but do so after you have previously lined up several job interviews from your current location. Again, there is no guarantee that you will be hired if you fly in. However if you do, your chances of getting hired are better than those who are not physically present. You’d be in a better position to report to interviews. But to minimize your wait time and your related costs and expenses, float your CV before you fly in. Some companies actually do an initial phone interview. When you get replies, you can arrange for an interview at a future date and you can then fly in to report to your interviews and intensify your search efforts. That way, you won’t be starting from square one when you set foot on UAE soil.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. A. K. McCoy Al-Husaam, PhD says:

    Having worked in Saudi Arabia I have to concur with what I’ve read on this web site. The suggestions are well thought out and I plan on following the advice provided here.

  2. I am Travis from Canada Alberta, I am Canadian Citizen and I have no problem to move in Doubi, I am SAP BASIS ADMINISTRATOR / CONSULTANTS been many years, My contract just finished from Aware-BASE Inc Canada. I am available to work in Dubai and move will my own expense.

    I worked with AwareBASE Canada., MITEL Network Canada, SIEMENS Canada, IBM Canada, GSK Canada and Ford Canada

    I have more then 15 years experience in IT industries, Including SAP Basis administrator, SAP products ECC6, Portal, BW/BI, XI/PI, Solution Manager, Oracle Database administration Windows server administration Infrastructure, SAP Netweaver in UNIX and Windows Environment plus good network experience and storage & Netbackup administration

    B.Sc. Degree + Diploma in Computer Science + Hardware/software/networking diploma + MCSE certification + BW/BI 7.0 Training + JAVA IIS, J2EE and Oracle Training as well

    Please let me know what is the next step


    Travis Awan
    Cell: 780-717-5748– 315-688-8083

    • Anowar Hossain says:

      thanks canadian citizen. i am working in Qatar, Manager accounts & Finance in a group of companies more the nine year. Chartered Accountancy course completed with post graduation in commerce.

      if i want to go in Canada, its’ possible? or would you like to help me to entre in Canada with work.

      best regards

      Anowar Hossain
      Mob- 974-55657794

    • Sidhartha Patnaik says:

      Dear sir

      i am purchase and store professional.My degignation is manager in manufacture sector.according to qualification i am arts graduate heaving 24 years of experience in veriousn sector involve with manufacturing activity.can u guide me to go abrode for job in same status.please reply so that i can take necessery steps.

  3. Yazeed Salah says:


    I am Yazeed, MBA graduate from Coventry University and am looking for a Job in UAE. I was really surprised when i start my UAE job hunting I was suffering from non-organized and systematical information, but when i came cross this website, I was shucked full of information and support job seekers, providing surprising service.
    I’d like to send a big thank you for everyone works on this portal.

    Best Regards,
    Yazeed Salah

    • Anowar Hossain says:

      Thanks for your mail. i am working in Qatar near about four years as a chief accountant, Presently i am trying to change my job location in UAE. Continious tryng but not get any result.

  4. Hi,

    Reading through, I can’t help but being thankful that I finally found this site. I am one of those very much in need of a job (hope a good pay one) to support my family and living. I am still not whether I will get one soon but I sure hope my fate and luck will take me there. Please, if any employer or company is willing to help, contact me. I am highly internationally experienced. I will move on my own expense. Thank you.

  5. for everyone’s contribution to this portal, your effort will not be in vain.thank you
    pls don’t pulish my email.

  6. hi ..i am looking for an aviation job in Dubai after i complete my Diploma study which i am doing in Australia now. I hope i can be located soon as possible after my semester completed which will be July this year.
    It is quite helpful that getting lots of information from this website about how to get a job in dubai and what things to remember assists me to direct me to move into Dubai.
    I wonder which agency should i contact or should i directly contact company to get a job process and wait for the further interview ??
    Can anyone help would be highly appreciated !!
    Thanks ~~ :-D

  7. Naveen Devnani says:


    I am Naveen Devnani! I am woking with Bank of America from the last 4 years as a Team Developer in India. I am interestd in wrking for banking sector in UAE!! I have also completed the Banking Certification program in Consumer Banking Mortgages and I am undergoing training for Certified Financial Planner. Could u pls let me know if there are any suitable openings for me! Looking forward fr the replies. I could be reached at


    • it is better u just come up on a visit visa to uae… if u have any friends or relatives it will be plus point for u problem of food & accomodation will be solved. it is not that much expensive as people think.. lots of jobs are there but u should select the proper medium & channel u will hit a job no worries at all…

  8. sagheer uddin says:

    i am sagheer uddin having aroun 7 years exp in roads construction iam citizen of india and no problem to move u.a.e
    i want work there kindly give me a chance
    i shall ever remain greatful to you

    thanking you

    sagheer uddin


  9. BABAR SAEED says:

    my name is baber. and i am from pakistan. i have 3 years of bus driving experience in i have uae heavy duty driving i am in pakistan. if u have any job in this field then plzz let me know about this. i will be very thankful to u for this act of kindness.i will be waiting for ur reply.

    • Irfan Hassan says:

      Asslamu Alaikum, Babar my name is Irfan. Currently, I am seeking also a job here in dubai. I want to let you know a website which can be helpful for you. Because it can show you all the jobs which are published in the daily gulf news paper. the link is :

      Remember me in your prayers.

  10. Rashid Minhas says:

    Many job seekers go on foot from building to building……………We wouldn’t recommend that you do this, however. than what should we do. is there any other way, to submit our CV or get job in the companies OR we should seek Reference. please tell me what should i do.

  11. Haris Effendi says:

    I am a freelance cameraman from the UK. Voted Number 1 Cameraman for VIP parties. I’m looking for work in Dubai filming Clubs/Corporate Events/Parties/Documentaries etc to build up a portfolio & in future work in Media City & aspire to Direct Film & TV in Dubai.

    • it is better u plz contatc to Mr. sheik zayad,Mr.sheik hamad,Mr.sheik al maqdoo… they can do some thing for u…. ask any one in dubai or uae about these guys any one will telll about them… ok …

  12. Haris Effendi says:

    I am a freelance cameraman from the UK. Voted Number 1 Cameraman for VIP parties. I’m looking for work in Dubai filming Clubs/Corporate Events/Parties/Documentaries etc to build up a portfolio & in future work in Media City & aspire to Direct Film & TV in Dubai.

    Check my work at :

    add me on facebook at :!/profile.php?id=749420222

  13. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    Assalamu alaikum!
    I want to do job in Dubai because Dubai is a rich country. I have 6 years experiene of Sitara Chemical. And I am presently working in Fatima Fertilzser as a Lab. Analyst. Please tell me if any vacancy for me.
    Khuda Hafiz!

  14. Reading through, I can’t help but being thankful that I finally found this site. I am one of those very much in need of a job . I am still not whether I will get one soon but I sure hope my fate and luck will take me there. Please, if any employer or company is willing to help, contact me on I am based in dubai on husband’s sponsorship and looking for any kind of adminstration jobs.. Having 10year experience

    Many thanks

  15. Abdul Latheef says:

    cameraman job pls

  16. NAEEM AHMED says:




  17. Abdul Latheef says:

    cameraman job vacnt visa in uae?

  18. aravindan natrajan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Aravindan Natarajan and graduated in Bachelor of Science in Visual communication at Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science recognized by the University of Madras, Chennai , India. I have worked in feature films and advertisements and very well experienced in lighting for films and video productions. I am very much interested in Television media and video production.

    Please find my detailed resume attached here with. I have good knowledge in English and ready to join any time. Hope you would find me suitable.Your response will be of immense help in elevating my career. Thank you for patiently going through my particulars. I have attached my showreel links for you favourable consideration.

    Yours truly,
    Aravindan Natarajan.

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have 8 years of experience in IT, and three in Operations excellence (Management, Logistics & Transportation). Looking for a job in Dubai. Any advice is welcome.

    Have a nice and safe day!

    Operations Excellence

  20. I recived a good offer to join there company on 1st of march,so after reciveing appoint letter i resign from my present company.After 1 week they cancel the offer by just mailing me that our job offer is cancel.
    Now i am in search of new job and have no job in hand.And visa is also at end.

  21. my name is lucky i am from india
    i wanted to take part in dubai industries
    would u help out?
    i wanted a job in dubai plzz give me a first step.
    i will be very thankful to u …

    b tech- civil engineer

  22. can anyone help me out to get a job in Dubai
    i applied online many time here and there but nothing workout ???

    any one there for help?

  23. iam in dubai for the past 4 yrs and now i want a good job

  24. santhosh says:

    i did my in 2010 specialization in IT stream.i want a job in any flatform r any type job pls gve me feed back.9030490482.

  25. workingmom says:

    Hi, I met an emirati online, he offer a job in dubai, according to him, he will process everything like my visa, is it safe to proceed on this kind of employment, he reveal his private photos to me, and he said he manage a buy and sell car shop and working as a manager in large bank in dubai. he saw my picture in social networks and said that he likes me, that’s why he offer a job. is it safe to accept this kind of offer. I will appreciate more comments. thanks in advance.



    • workingmom says:

      Thank you for the adivise Naeem, actually he said I will not pay anything, he will process all my visa, But I’m a bit afraid because he likes me, I’m hoping he will not take advantage of me if I accept the job offer.

    • faisalyfaisal says:

      well becarefull my friend i am also working in dubai

  26. Abdul Latheef says:

    sir cameraman job vacant in uae ?

  27. What an amazing site. May the Good God continue to help us all and grant us goodness.for the very first time i try to take a bold step into the UAE job seeking race in Dubai,I stumbled over this intriguing site. I’m a fresh graduate of natural science from the University of Jos Nigeria with BSc in Zoological science. I’m optimistic that the serene environs of the Emirate would appreciate the enormous contributions of a natural habitat to emboresed its torisim sectors.

  28. Hi,
    My name is fahim and i have done BBA(Bachelors in business Administraion).I,m looking for job in Dubai.i been in Dubai from june,2003-jan,2010 on student visa.i have lots of sale and Marketing experience in various campanies in Dubai as well in pakistan.M current doing job in a multi-national company in Marketing.And i can talk on phone if some is intersted to get my interveiw.i’ll also come my own expences.

  29. Nabeel says:


    I am from Pakistan, and planning to come to Dubai in July this year after giving my Acca final attempt in June. I have almost 2 to 3 years of relevant experience to my field. Kindly advised me on whether should i go for it or not.

    will be waiting for your response.

  30. Hai

    This is Balaraju i have 2.4 months of exp in Network Field with Lan Wan Wlan

  31. Hi,
    Good day!
    I am Carol from Philippines, 24 years old, a Nursing graduate w/o licensed in our country. I worked as a Receptionist cum secretary, pharmacy assistant cum cashier and nursing assistant in our country. I am well versed in MS word, Excel and MS PowerPoint. I am looking for a job considering Sales/ Office staff/ healthcare field.I just hope and pray that someone who has a benevolent heart can help me to find a job.
    Looking forward..
    Thank you in advance!!

    Truly yours,

    Carol Atok

    • Hello carol my friend. I m arvind from india.i m a diploma holder in civil engg. With 1Year work experiance.i think u can help me please contect 0091 7737690252

  32. Asghar laghari says:

    I am ali asghar laghari From pakistan I seek new job in Dubai 5 Years Experience in account My contact 092300-9371343

  33. Hi

    Good day..
    I’m Cherry from Philippines..23 years old.. Right now, I’m currently working as a Sales Admin Asst. in a car dealership…I’m looking for a job in Dubai..Can anyone help me out to get a job in Dubai?Any related job such as office administrator,admin asst..much better in a car dealership, Please help me..

    Thanks and more power..


  34. Manohar says:


    Greetings of the day.

    I am manohar 28 years old. i am working in Web design field. currently i have an opportunity from a web Design company in dubai which is suited in Dubai Media City tower. so can any suggest how much cost comes up in accomodation, food and travelling.

    I really appreciate if any body help me in this matter.


  35. Anowar Hossain says:

    Thanks Mr. Manobar. I am working in Qatar, in Al Andalus Group, Manager Accounts & Finance. i am searching opening in same field. CA-CC with post Graduate in commerce.

    I really appreciate if any body help me in this matter.


    Mob- +974-55657794

  36. Jonalyn Veloso Dances says:

    Good Day! I am 24 years old, a REGISTERED NURSE in the Philippines and is currently looking for a job abroad as a NURSE,CAREGIVER, NURSING ASSISTANT or any related works. I worked as a nurse in my country for about 2 years and 6 months. Hope someone in this website can help me find an employer or be my employer. I can guarantee that you wont regret hiring me.

    A million thanks in advance.

    You can email me @

    Jonalyn Dances

  37. Naeem Ahmed says:



  38. gellane says:

    I’m 23 years old and graduate of business administration major in entrepreneurial management in Philippines.I been work for 2 year in real estate business as account manager.Also i’m been marketing assistant.And now currently looking for a job in abroad.Hope someone here in the website is direct employer or can help me to hired me.
    thank you!

    Gellane Cabezas

    this is my email add

  39. good forum…

  40. Hi all,

    This is my first time here using these forums, but I have to say I find them very helpful..

    The reason I do this research is because I am intereted in getting a job in Dubai. I am a female, 35 years old, slovak nationality- but living in Ireland for the last 7 years..I do not have a university degreee(unfortunately), but I do have qualification(certificates accredited by FETAC,in Ireland) in Transport, Distribution, Supply Chain, Forwarding, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Import- Export…I work in this field here in Ireland for 7 years, and I would appreciate if someone could give me more info and details about this kind of jobs in Dubai..and how is the best to find these jobs( recruitment agencies,direct employers..)

    I’d say thats enough for now, I cant ask for more from the very begining-:)

    Thanks a lot, and looking forward to all replies.


    • I forgot to ad that my experience so far within this industry is at Administration, Clerical level..but having the above mentioned certified quualification, I am able to take over other positions as well, I just haven’t had this chance over here..Thanks again.

  41. Ranen Francis says:

    Hello! I’m planning to go to dubai for a visit to find a job but most of my friends say that this is not the best time to go and find a job cause of ramadan, i have 6years in audio production experience and 9 years in live music scene, also talented in graphic designing, can you please provide me some useful topics to find a job in uae, thanks.

  42. Miqdad Ali K says:

    I have 1 year experience in web development , I am looking for a job in UAE



  44. Khalid Hamad says:


    My name is Khalid. I am a Canadian citizen with a CMA and 2 years experience in Internal Auditing (Currently preparing for CIA).I am looking to work as an internal auditor or financial analyst – as I am planning to settle in the UAE. I currently live in Kuwait, but I can travel flexibly upon request for an interview. For any opportunities that may come your way – please email me at or give me a call at +(965)99929643.

    Thank you.

  45. MURTAZA ALAM says:

    Respected Sir/Madame

    My name is Murtaza Alam. I belong to Pakistan and now adays I am on visit to UAE. I did MBA and MA English literature from one of the top universities of Pakistan(Peshawar University). Recently I am the Research scholar of M.Phil leading to PhD at Area Study Centre (Russia, China, and Central Asia) University of Peshawar.
    I have 4 years Banking experience and 2 years CA firm experience.
    Besides, I may mention that I am endowed with sound, eloquence and extraordinary managerial skills and foresee myself as fully qualified for the concerned post. I have enough experience of research work on national and international issues. I am regularly attached with management to conduct and attend the seminars on national and global issues at Area Study Centre, which is am important place to frame strategies and research papers about local, regional, international issues. It is submitted that I offer myself for the vacant post in an esteemed organization, as I find myself best suited, both in terms of academic qualification and work experiences.
    As I fulfill nearly most of the desired criteria for the concerned job, I feel confident to apply for it and hope that the kind Administration of a reputed organization would grant me an opportunity to prove my worth in a challenging, multicultural and dynamic working environment.

    Murtaza Alam
    0555916772, 0508941772
    Dated: July 19, 2011

  46. Сергей says:

    очень хочу на роботу в ДУБАИ КАК МНЕ ТУДА ПОПАСТЬ? 0635863555


    Dear Sir
    iam 25 Year Male from India in i need Dubai Work Visa.

  48. syed abdul matin says:

    dear sir,
    i am writing from bangladesh. iam interested in recruiting manpower from my country and send them
    to middle eastern countries.will you be able to help me in this matter.
    warmest regards,
    syed abdul matin.

  49. Ted Lawrence says:

    Hello, My name is Ted, Canadian, and works for the Cruise Lines (Norwegian Cruise Lines) Food & Beverage. I have several years of experience in the Industry, and is seeking available positions, of Food & Beverage Manager or Restaurant Manager, in the UAE or around that area. Any advice?

    Ted Lawrence

  50. Mohammed Arif. says:

    Hi, My name is Arif. I live in Dubai. I am currently unemployed and studying in a college (bachelors in information technology BIT) in Dubai. I am Seeking for a job so that at least i can pay for my college fees. if anyone has news about any open vacancy mainly on Admin , IT, Call Centers, OR in Customer Services. kindly email to me about it. THANK YOU.