HR Assistant Job Position in Dubai

Job Description:

PA jobs in Dubai that would specifically or alternatively be called HR assistants are support positions to the Human Resources Director’s office. Depending on the HRD’s delegation preferences, HR assistants provide support services for a specific employee group/type (e.g., laborers in a construction firm), or for a specific HR function (e.g., recruitment and hiring). HR assistants would largely perform professional functions but may be required by the HR director, their direct supervisor, to carry out tasks of a personal nature.


  • Typing and translation of HR-related documents, usually appointment contracts for staff. In the Dubai and UAE job markets, the person holding this position would be working closely with the company PRO for paperwork relating to Employment & Residency visa sponsorships for employees.
  • Sourcing and sorting of CVs and applications filed with the company. HR assistants normally handle company CV-receiving emails or online databases for CV submissions. They would also be collating those CVs and applications they receive from walk-in applicants or those sent in through mails and faxes. Especially in industries with very high turnovers such as the Customer Service industry, HR assistants classify and tag each CV for a specific department and makes sure the active file is appropriately trimmed and pruned.
  • Coordination and Scheduling. HR assistants book applicants for interviews and tests, informs them of the schedule and briefs the candidate for what to expect when they arrive for an appointment. Because many jobseekers in Dubai are non-residents, HR assistants are responsible for making sure applicants are given a clear set of directions on how to get to company locations. If located in restrictive or exclusive buildings or areas like Free Zones, HR assistants are also the responsible for paperwork relating to requirements for receiving guests to the zone.
  • Receiving official correspondences from employees. When employees have complaints or suggestions or any issues that need to go through the formal communication process, HR assistants are in charge of receiving such communications. In this function, a basic knowledge of labour laws and company policies relating to employees would come handy. Often, employees would not know which form to fill out or how to file a certain type of request. HR Assistants help them resolve these questions.


  • Education – A Bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement; one with concentration in Human Resources Management or Accounting is often an edge.
  • Language Skills – Excellent oral and written communication skills is vital in this position. Often, companies would prefer a bi-lingual individual for this position; that’s not necessarily Arabic-English. Depending on the nature of the business, some companies would hire Mandarin-English speakers, or even those who speak Urdu or any other Asian language. Obviously, English skills is a must.
  • Technical Skills – HR Assistants are also expected to be proficient in MS Office applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint. In the Dubai job market however, familiarity with online CV or resume portals or basic internet skills would give you an advantage. As you may be assisting in the management of an HR database, familiarity with an HR-specific information system would also be very attractive to employers.
  • Other requirements – Experience is often required. Basic familiarity with Dubai and UAE labor laws is a competitive advantage. Familiarity with the recruitment, hiring and retention process may also be required along with an understanding of compensations and salary schemes.

Salary Range:

AED 3,000-5,000

Employers’ Description:

Companies with separate HR departments are the employers of HR assistants. These are multi-national corporations, usually with regional Middle East and Africa operations or a global presence in all five continents. Besides these large businesses, construction companies importing labor from India, China and other Third World countries would need HR assistants for coordinating issues and paperwork with this foreign workforce.

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