Relationship Manager (Client Relationship Manager) Position in Dubai

Job Description:

Client relationship management requires excellent people skills, on top of familiarity with the banking and financial services industry. The job is basically fostering and maintaining a solid business relationship with commercial businesses and individuals with very high net worth. This also requires a high degree of adaptability, willingness to do research and understand the peculiar needs of clients in short amounts of time.


Client Management. Client Relationship Mangers are charged with developing and fostering long-term relationships with the bank’s existing commercial and individual clients. They’re the point person for specific client accounts, working closely with clients’ account managers, finance directors and financial decision-makers. This function generally calls for making sure client demands are met.

Account Management. CRMs manage and expand client portfolios, making sure the clients’ needs are met and attended to right away. The goal in this function is mainly to help the bank’s senior managers supervise client activities as they generate more income for both the client’s and the bank’s accounts, balancing the risk-return trade-off, as the client uses more of the bank’s services. Also, Relationship Managers provide expert support to self-trading clients.

Internal Administrative Functions. CRMs collaborate with other branches to analyze and assess client business practices and participate in planning customized client services. This function serves the bank more as it gears toward providing a total range of services to meet the demands and needs of their biggest clients.


Education – CRMs are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree relating to business management, but preferably in the Finance and Accounting fields. This educational requirement is a must as the banking and financial services industry is a highly-specialized field; education is a primary requirement for understanding the industry.

Technical skills – Basic MS Office applications is a given. Experience with finance software and database is an excellent advantage. Those with experience in the Customer Service industry will also have a huge advantage.

Other Requirements – Aside from being tech savvy and intelligent, CRMs are flexible individuals who are highly adaptive and possess excellent communications skills. They’re caring professionals who are patient and go through the extra mile to explain a client’s options and guide them through the intricacies of financial decision-making.

Salary Range:

AED 4,000-20,000 monthly, the range due to varying levels of experience and competence.

Employers’ Description:

Both banks and financial services companies have a team of relationship managers to develop further business with existing clients. In the Dubai job market, this position is often thought of as part of their sales team. Often, CRMs are out in client premises, effectively bringing the bank and its services right at the client’s doorstep. This position is often created to provide total convenience to clients.

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