Financial Analyst (Investment Analyst, Business Analyst) Position in Dubai

Job Description:

A financial analyst may find many employment opportunities in Dubai’s vibrant financial market. When you see a job listed for “financial analyst” be careful not to get mislead as the position “financial analyst” can be loosely defined at times. Financial analyst could also be interchangeable with financial controller, business analyst, investment analyst, private equity analyst and others.

For a position like this, always read the job description closely. Put extra attention on the “duties” and “qualifications and skills” sections to get a better understanding of the employer’s requirements.


• Analysis of business intelligence related to investment opportunities

• Arrange for a due dilligence review of potential

• Presenting to your employer’s clients on potential investment opportunities

• Market research of financial aspects

• Analyze monthly financial reports and key operating indicators

• Establish financial processes to resolve data integrity issues

• Define meaningful financial elements to be captured and used for business intelligence


• A bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting

• 3-7 years of experience in a relevant post (depending on seniority of the position)

• Experience with financial ERP systems such as Oracle

• Proven financial modelling and analytics skills

Salary Range:

AED 15,000 – AED 30,000

Employers’ Description:

This post is usually demanded by large companies with established finance and accounting departments. These companies usually utilize recruitment agencies to hire candidates or accept direct contact requests from candidates.

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