Executive Level Management Still Actively Recruited in Dubai

Insight Discovery and Pink Slip Dubai recently conducted a report that shows that companies in Dubai are taking advantage of the slow down in hiring employees. Employers saving large amounts of money by reducing or eliminating expatriate hiring practices, promoting from within, and offering significantly lower salaries than in previous years.

This survey involved interviewing numerous Human Resource managers and recruiters throughout the UAE, and the responses were all very similar. For those looking to come to Dubai from western countries, the desire to come to Dubai was there but the demand for expatriate recruitment was not.

This would seem like bad news for anyone in the United States or Europe that was looking to relocate to Dubai, a trend that has been growing significantly over the last decade. However, there is a silver lining to the results of this report. The job market in 2010 is looking much stronger than in 2009, and there are certain aspects of business that companies are still looking for expatriates to recruit. Over two thirds of the recruiters and human resource professionals interviewed felt the job market as a whole was on the upswing.

Mainly, the investment in infrastructure has created a need for highly skilled professionals including project managers, MEP managers, construction managers and managers within the financial and IT sectors. So while the opportunities for less experienced workers from western areas may have a grim outlook, those professionals that have proven track records in their sector in executive level positions are still in high demand.

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  1. Sandhya Sunil says:

    I am an MBA fresher who has just got my certificate attested with UAE embassy as i am planning to move to dubai after ramadan in search for job.