Dubai Al-Ain road on target

Signs of the recovery of the Dubai construction industry are a regular feature of news reports these days as the region continues to weather the storm, and the recent announcement that the 53km main highway intended to connect Dubai with Al Ain is on course for completion next September (2011).

The road is a major construction undertaking, providing jobs for engineers in all works of the industry, and involves a complex series of tunnels and bridges in its efforts to bridge the gap. With a proposed speed limit of 140kmh it is designed to be a high speed transit route between the two major business regions in the area and will further encourage the economic growth that Dubai is party to of late.

The four lane highway is part of a drive to improve the infrastructure of transport networks in the Al Ain region and as the flagship project is under much scrutiny. The Al Ain Director of Roads has explained how the road will enhance the links that the Municipality needs in order to ensure that it is well placed to benefit from the future growth that is forecast for Dubai.

With many construction projects such as this underway in the region Dubai attracts a wide variety of potential employees in the construction industry and continues to promise excellent benefits and impressive salaries. The commitment to safety and 21st century standards in projects like the Al Ain road displays a step forward in the plan to enhance the prospects of Dubai as a major business centre.

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