Cost of Living in Dubai: Accommodation, Transportation, and Food

If you’re planning to work and live in Dubai, that’s one of the basic questions you need to ask and find the answer to. It’s the fundamental information you need to know before you actually go hunting for a job. Unlike in some countries, there are no minimum wage rates or standardized salaries in Dubai. What you would receive as compensation is largely dependent on how well you negotiate. Salary expectation is a basic question employers ask of applicants. It’s best to report to an interview with one specific figure, expressed in AED, in mind – the lowest monthly salary package you are willing to accept for any job you’re applying for.

Although this economic concept might involve a combination of many other factors, the quality of life you would have in Dubai is largely a factor of three things: your cost of living, lifestyle and your purchasing power. Since purchasing power is anchored on future earnings, it’s important to know what to expect in cost of living to give you a base figure for salary negotiations.

Factors in Dubai’s Cost of Living

In Dubai, cost of living revolves around three basic factors. Let’s examine each in the context of living in Dubai.


This is perhaps the largest single expense you would need to seriously take into consideration. Real estate is a thriving industry in Dubai as it becomes even more New York-like. Competing with commercial development, costs of residential buildings have gone up considerably in recent years. With the surge of businesses, the influx of foreign workers in Dubai has raised the demand for living spaces. Flats, villas and living quarters have become a scarce resource in Dubai because of the surge in demand. Therefore, rent is a huge consideration.


Although Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority or RTA runs a very smooth operation, the number of passengers Dubai buses serve daily is just too much. The vehicle volume in Dubai’s main thoroughfares, particularly along Sheikh Zayed Road is overflowing at peak hours. Traffic is usually heavy, making it even more difficult for buses and taxis to turnaround quickly. Transportation is an issue in Dubai because many of Dubai’s business centers are located nowhere near residential areas.


This is probably the least of your concerns. Despite the inflation and the state of the world’s economy, food has remained affordable in Dubai across all salary levels. Eating out is another story. But that’s an experience even laborers at construction sites in the Industrial Areas in Al Quoz can afford from time to time.

So, what are your options if you want to live in Dubai? How much should you make? That’s a question you need to answer yourself. Salaries in Dubai vary within a wide range depending on what you are selling (your qualifications) and how you are selling it (negotiation skills). It’s not unusual in Dubai to find an executive secretary making more than a sales representative in the same company. Even two secretaries working the same jobs can have different compensation packages.

Let’s take a look at your cost of living factors with respect to your options.

Your Options in Dubai


Depending on location, there are studio-type flats in Dubai that rent for under AED 3,500 a month. You’d find these in Deira or at Bur Dubai and in similar places. The high-end living options available at places like the Dubai Marina or Jumeirah start at AED 8,000 a month. Some people decide to share living space and split the cost. Other high-end compensation packages normally have company-provided villas or flats.


Dubai bus fare is AED 2 per ride. Taxi fares start at AED 3. In Dubai, however, aving your own car is the cheapest, fastest and the easiest mode of transport. People with international driving licenses have a definite edge as jobseekers. But all drivers are required to obtain a UAE driving license in due time. If you have neither a car nor a valid driving license, you have another option besides taxis and Dubai bus: car lifts. People who have their own cars usually ferry friends and officemates to and from work.


Food is a wonderful, cultural experience in Dubai. Since the world is represented in this small community, you’d find all sorts of exotic and delectable options. Chances are, you’d even find your favorite dish, whether that’s Indian Beryani or Italian pasta. Cost is not an issue. People in Dubai are blessed in that respect. Everyone can afford to eat anything they fancy. Whether you feel better cooking your own meals or you prefer ordering it from Dubai’s vast selection of restaurants, you’d find what you like here.

A Hint for Dubai Jobhunters

A key housing point to remember in interviews is to ask your employer if they provide their staff with free accommodation. There are companies in Dubai that offer free accommodation in staff houses even to their rank-and-file employees. Especially for job hunters that would fall in the low-income range, it is always good to join companies that provide free accommodation because the housing always comes with food allowances and transport service. As part of salary packages, cost of living allowances given in the form of free accommodation and transport service is a better option. It frees you from making these necessary arrangements yourself.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


  1. Hello,
    I am searching for a suitable opening in Gulf region especially in Dubai due to country unrest . I have more than 6 years professional expertise in Managements, academic,Teaching (Physics, IT, Math) training & development, WTO , HR.
    I am female, single and willing to join on immediate bases.
    Looking for best fit opening & right connections.
    Looking forward,

    • Dear Naveed,

      Please check out the vacanies on or

      You’re sure to find something that will suit your areas of expertise.

      All the best


    • hello!

      I am Anna.

      It’s nice to see your site took the effort of bringing out this topic for everyone who is aspiring to land a job and live in Dubai. I’m a mother of two and soon will be coming to Dubai. I have a 10 year experience in event management, Office administration and leasing mall spaces. Can i ask for a suitable site wherein I can land a job that will suit my qualifications? and also i have enlisted myself to job sites and recruitment sites. They are all looking for someone with experience in UAE. I’m afraid that my experience will be credited to zero when I go there. I hope you could help me with this endeavor.

    • land surveyor

  2. Kevin Perera says:

    I m a Canadian national in the US hoping to find a job in dubai in this current global recession. I was spending so many hours getting jobs links and infomation, but you guys provided everything and the best part, its short and simple and just the right information I wanted, like cost of living and cv information. Remarkable website guys, I cant wait to update my resume and post it on your site. I will definetely be in contact and hopefully will pursue my job hunt in dubai if I get offers. There are so many job sites I dont know where to begin plus I want to get the best offer. But one thing I did not find in your site is the visa information. Does the employer provide that?? BUt other than that…fantastic site…keep it up

  3. what s visa process in dubai

    • Hi Samir,

      Thank you for your question. We do not yet provide a guide on visa processing in Dubai. I agree that we should do that soon, though.

      Thanks a lot,

  4. it is a wonderful web site for getting information to get job in dubia

    • Dear Sohail,

      Thank you for that, I agree with you

      The website owners have done a great job

      Give yourselves a pat on the back guys


  5. william merola says:

    Iam interested in positions available in dubaie; with my wide range of posions(banking,accounting, painting contractor, cook and other sales positions I believe my marketing skills may be of interest to many companies in Dubai; I look forward to future email updates on positions available.
    William T.

  6. Mr. Swabe says:

    I’m working here in the Philippines as Sales Manager of one of the biggest Real Estate Developer. I’m planning to work in Dubai soon. My purpose of visit in Dubai last December 2008 is to study also these topics in your website specifically job hunting. It’s so happen that during my visit is the “recession period” and the real estate industry is the most affected industry during that time. This site is very helpful to us! Thank you!

  7. I have a few questions, how much will be the cost of living of an individual overseas worker in Dubai in a month? including all the house/room rental or accommodation, the food, the fares etc., Thank you so much for the coming answer.

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hi Jhing,

      The answer really depends on the lifestyle that you would like to lead. If extravagance is what you have in mind, you’ll need AED 100,000 per month. If you’re thinking about the opposite end of the spectrum, then it’s more like AED 400. On average though, a single guy would probably need around AED 5,000 to survive comfortably.



  8. Arindam says:

    Arindam here

    I am looking for a job in Dubai. I have a years work experience in Warehousing and Distribution and is a Indian National. Please advice me the visa procedure formaliities.It would be helpful if I can get a detailed visa guideline.


  9. 5000 is ok but not a good amount. At least you should be getting 7000-10,000.
    For family man, you need 1at least 15,000. plus other benefits.

    Otherwise it is not wise to come here

  10. Hi There,

    Do you have any suggestions about how I should format my resume to potential employers in the UAE?

    Also, is there a big demand for positions in the aviation industry and can you suggest some potential airlines that will take on New Zealanders?
    Thank You

    • Hi Leila,

      I have written a complete article describing the things that you need to look out for when writing your resume for Dubai, UAE. Click here to go to the guide. Additionally, I’ve provided a resume template to follow. The template has a cartoon character in it, but don’t let that deter you. The formatting and the writing style is professional and it is what you should aim for.

      As for companies to contact, I’ve quickly pulled a few (not complete) from the subscribers list. The contact information and link application instructions included:

      Air Arabia
      Career Section

      Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE)
      +971 4 428 9600

      Career Section

      Dubai World Central
      +971 4 364 9999

      Career Section

      +971 4 881 4433

      Career Section

      The Emirates Group
      Career Section

      Best regards,

    • Kia Ora,

      Thank you so much for the advise. Such an amazing site.

      Keep up the great work


  11. Hi Everyone

    I am a young South African who has been offered a job in Hospitality industry in Dubai. I am expected to arrive in Dubai in Dec 2009. The basic Salary is AED 5,000 plus tips and commission. As a single person is this substantial. I will be sharing accommodation with someone. My biggest concern is the cost of food,entertainment,getting around. The only example I could find was from 2007 and I am afraid it might be drastically outdated.

    Your assistance and advice would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Yvonne,

      Food is pretty cheap in Dubai considering the variety and authenticity of international cuisines. Transportation can range from expensive to cheap, depending on the mode you choose. Generally speaking, you could survive for awhile with AED 5,000 + tips and commissions. Make your move, and keep exploring your options and opportunities.



    • Thank you Mohammed

      I look forward to my trip and the 2 contract I have been offered.



  12. Prakriti SK says:


    I am an animation student having skills in designing, modelling, texturing and drawing. I am of Indian nationality but have been brought up in Bahrain and so am used to the Gulf life. I graduate next month from my college in India and wish to pursue a career for sometime, maximum 2 yrs in Dubai. Are there jobs available in the advertising, media or magazine industry in Dubai which I can apply for?? Is there stuff competition for such jobs? Can you give me names of companies I could approach for prospective jobs?? Please reply. I read your previouse replies to other people and would appreciate as much info you can give as possible.

    Prakriti SK

    • Hi Prakriti,

      Dubai Media City is full of media and advertising companies that require talent in the design field. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can use this free guide to dig up 100s of companies in Dubai Media City and get in touch with them.



    • Prakriti SK says:

      Thanks a lot,
      Very helpful.. you do a wonderful job of guiding people… Please continue doing it.

      Thanks again,
      Best Wishes to you and your family,
      Prakriti SK

  13. I am working in Rent a car Company for last 4 years, first contract was limited which i served, next contract they change the sponser company within a group (same sponser) and made unlimited contract in last august, is there any impact of not getting ban stamp, if I change now?

  14. Hi,
    I am an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from a premier Institute in Marketing and Finace. I have a work exp of 11 years in service industry. I am a Branch Manger in A Life Insurance company.

    Wanted to relocate to Dubai..

    Which companies can I look for and what salary can I expect.

    • Hi Anshul,

      Your salary can depend on many factors. It’s not very difficult to estimate, but you have to do a bit of research yourself. I’ve written a free and easy to follow guide to help you. Click here to access it.



  15. Hi,

    I am working with one of the largets banks in the world. I work in their offshore office handling their US customers. I am working as an Assistant Manager Operations handling a team of 10-12 individuals. My job profile is basically driving sales with high customer satisfaction scores. I am working as an Assistant Manager from the last 1.5 years with a total exp of 6 years in the service industries.

    Can you help me with the info that what kind of job I can get in dubai & names of few good companies there.



  16. Hello,

    My family and I currently reside in the United States. I work as a Senior Buyer/Planner in the Oil and Gas industry. Is there any contact information you can provide regarding employment? I’ve registered with numerous companies with no luck.

    Please advise.

    Thank you in advance.


    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hello Elisha,

      Try contacting ADNOC and TAQA. These are big oil companies in Abu Dhabi. Getting the contact information of the buyer/ planner manager will get you better results than just filling online job forms.

  17. Somasundaram G says:

    I am a Engineer in electroncis and communication, having experience in Servicing of electronics Test and measuring instruments for 4 years and 7+ years in Software Testing experienece.

    What kind of job i can look into Dubai or UAE ?

    • M.K. Safi says:

      Hello Somasundaram,

      Dubai employers are always looking for experienced candidates. And you have a unique specialty with excellent experience. If you applied the right methods then you would be able to pick from variety of positions. Check these jobsites for companies looking to hire someone with your qualifications.


  18. mohd hafiz says:


    Dear Mohammed,

    I am malaysian. I got an offer with malaysian company itself and have to work at overseas, the work site is at Dubai. I have been offered as Facility Technician, my work site is either residential area or shopping complexes. If you don’t mind, is it sufficient if my salary is around 5,000 AED to live and work at Dubai? I am very appreciate if you can answer ny question. Thank you very much.

    • Wslm..

      Mohd Hafiz..

      I’m also malaysian and have been in Dubai for 1 months. For my opinion, if they offered you only 5,000 AED; it means in MYR 3987++ only. That 5,000 AED is only you basic salary or including with allowances. Maybe is it enough and sufficient for you if you are single and the company will provided the accomodation and other allowance such as transport allowance etc. If not, don’t accept the offer unless they increase the salary.

  19. Dear Guys,
    I am a logistics professional. I have been offered a job in Dubai. I need you good people to advice whether I should go along with the offer. The company is offering me 7000 AED period! Accomodation and every other thing is for me to fend for.Please note that I am married and I look to relocate with my wife in the near future. I really need to know whether it will be wise to take the plunge.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • shanthi says:

      Rahul..It is not a very lucrative offer. I know for sure that with your wife you could look into International city for accomodation which would cost you anything between 2400 to 2600 Dhrms per month as rent. However you will need to have atleast 13000 AED to start off as most rental apartments require you pay quarterly rents. This should cover your electricity/water/commission to agent and three months rent. If you have this money before hand things could ease out for you. Food is not very expensive especially if you cook for yourselves. the metro and buses are excellent if you do not have your own car or licence. For a young couple this salary should suffice if you can cut corners till you settle down or your wife finds herself a job


  20. John Brennan says:

    Hi, I have over 15 years experience in IT, currently in a very senior position but would like to experience Dubai- can you give me an idea of salary range and if there is a requirement for IT personnel in Dubai at the moment. Thank you

    • Dear John,

      With your experience in the field I recommend you come down to Dubai. The salary you can expect is anywhere between AED10,000-AED15,000($2739-$4109) depends on your area of expertise.

      15 years experience may entitle you to a job as an IT manager or IT Assistant manager. Do check out companies in the ‘Dubai Internet City’ zone

      All the best


  21. Hi Everyone.

    I would like to know if there are any openings in the offshore fro IT people.

    Please advice.



  22. Hi,

    I`m an Indian and I`m in ERP(IT) I have few offers from Dubai based companies and they are offering me 18-20K per month. I`m married and my wife is a dentist want to 18-20K is good enough or not?????, I don`t have any idea abt dentist earning in Dubai and how an Indian doctor and start her clinic.

  23. hey guys

    hi my self rishi mishra. i recently completed my engineering in CS and i wanna move to dubai for job and living. but not yet coz i have some more imp work here in india but after 3 years i wanna move to what should i do ..should i get a job in dubai then move or after moving there i will find a job.????? one more thing as an computer science engineer how much salary i should except in dubai..
    plzz guid me guys


    • Dear Rishi,

      As a IT engineer myself, jobs in our field are currently hard to come by as there is not much demand for it. A lot of companies here have started to outsource their IT work to different companies in Dubai as well as overseas.

      You mentioned you wanted to move here in 3 years, by the looks of the IT market now, 3 years will be a good time to start your career here as things have slowly started to look up.

      I recommend you find a job PRIOR to you coming here, otherwise it will be expensive and disappointing if you turn up here, pay the visa charges, etc and during your stay here find no employment. Companies here are willing to do phone interviews and they sponsor your trip down.

      Hope that helps


  24. Hi All,

    I am Gayathri. I am looking for job oppertuinities in Dubai as It-Recruiter or Administration /management jobs. I have experience in relevent filed around 3-4yrs.
    I have 3yrs India experience in Engineering Industries & IT-Software industries. 1 Yr expeirence in US IT-consulting companies. Currenlty i am ln USA as a dependent.
    Please let me know,wht kind of oppertunities i will get in Dubai and wht will be the salary range that i can accept? What about the visa process procedure?

    I appriciate your response.

    Thank you.


    • Hi,

      I am in discussions with a company in Dubai for the Recruiter position.
      Please update me if you have got what you were looking for.


  25. Hi,

    I am currently working as Assistant Product Manager,i have also worked as Assistant Finance Manager for 2 years.In all have work experience of 2 years 5 months in one of the largest bank in country.I want to move to dubai for better oportunity.i want to ask if 2 years experience is enough to move because i have not come across any vacancy with this experience.Please provide me guidance so that i can make a better move.

    • Dear Summya,

      A 2 year experience in banking is sadly not sufficient in the UAE. UAE banks and finance institutes need at least 4-6 years experienced staff to apply for positions such as the one you desire.

      There are other positions that may fit your experience but not Assistant Finance Managers

      Hope that was clear


  26. hi everyone,

    I’m nurul from Malaysia. Currently i got the job offer in dubai. I would like to know about living cost in Dubai such as food, transport etc. The company giving me basic salary AED 4000/ month and they provided accomodation, transport allowance and other allowance AED 1500/ month. That’s enough for me to survive in Dubai. How much much i can spend per month.

    Thanks you very much for incoming answer. I’m very appreciated.

    • Dear Nurul,

      The offer you got is quite good in my opinion. 4000 salary, is good enough for you to survive and save. 1500 for transport(provided you dont live far) is good and you will take a sharing accommodation it will be sufficient.

      All the best, hope you enjoy dubai

  27. Hi,

    I am looking online for accomodation to rent in dubai, so as when I start work there.

    Bt I realised that they mention something with providing “cheques” for up-to 12 months, which is basically the rent….

    1- Does this mean I need to pay for the whole years rent in form of cheque that he banks straight away? (ex 55,000 annual)

    2- If that is the case, and I dont have that amount to pay for the whole year, nor for 6 months..! – How can I find accomodation for the first months of my move to dubai….?

    3- I am a recent graduate and lets assume that I dont have any money, and dependant on my salary, how do I get accomodation ?


  28. Hi, dear friends.
    i have been quoted a job opportunity with 30,000 AED monthly. i am married and have 1 child (6 yo). i want to know if i want to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and have a good lifestyle, is this offer good or not. could any body advice me about life cost ?

    • Dear Alireza,

      The answer to all your questions is YES, you can get a good place to stay, you can support your family, and you can enjoy a great lifestyle. This is a good offer, and I recommend you take it up immediately

      Congrats, and all the best


  29. Rahul Nair says:

    I am single. Have 7 years experience in sales and business development. Been offered a managerial position – BD in a media dotcom company. The salary offered is 10000 AED( inclusive of all accommodation)

    What kind of lifestyle can one maintain with this kind of salary when you compare it to an Indian Salary?

    Also what could be the savings – maintaining a comfortable living style ?

  30. I’m an Indian and I’ve been offered a job for 75000 AED per annum. I’m a single guy finishing my Under Graduation (22 yrs age). Could anyone please tell me about the kind of lifestyle i can expect ?

    Hearty thanks,
    Looking forward

    • Dear Sriram,

      To clarify, are you being offer a job with AED75000(Seventy-five thousand) or AED7500(Seven Thousand)?

      If you are getting AED75000 then you can expect a very very extravagant lifestyle. Please check if you got the numbers right

      If you are getting AED7500, then you can expect a good life style, if you are provided with accommodation then you can save at least half your salary. Check if your company is going to give you transport and housing, then you will be able to afford a good life style here

      All the best


    • Nash ,its 75,000 AED PER ANNUM and not monthly. As far as I’ve checked from the other sites the cheapest apartment is costing 50,000 AED per month. I dont know where am goin wrong. They haven’t mentioned about the accommodation so am assuming its on my head. This is the forum i was going through

      It says anything below 30k AED per month is just a waste of time.
      Thanks Nash.

    • Dear Sriram,

      My sincerest apologies, I did not see the per annum part. Truly sorry

      AED75000 per annum means AED6250 per month. You can find a room in sharjah for AED1300 and dubai for about AED1500-2000. So if you do the math, you can save a bit, and spend a bit. Its up to you if you want to stay in a room by yourself, or split the cost with someone else.

      I recommend you take up the offer and rough it out for a bit. Experience is dubai is top notch, and will help you in the long run.

      Do also bare in mind, that you have to spend for accomodation+transport+food+leisure+savings.

      The forums are a great place to get advice, so look for a second opinion if you are still in doubt

      All the best


    • Dear Sriram,

      My sincerest apologies, I did not see the per annum part. Truly sorry

      AED75000 per annum means AED6250 per month. You can find a room in sharjah for AED1300 and dubai for about AED1500-2000. So if you do the math, you can save a bit, and spend a bit. Its up to you if you want to stay in a room by yourself, or split the cost with someone else.

      I recommend you take up the offer and rough it out for a bit. Experience is dubai is top notch, and will help you in the long run.

      Do also bare in mind, that you have to spend for accommodation +transport+food+leisure+savings.

      The forums are a great place to get advice, so look for a second opinion if you are still in doubt

      All the best


    • CHIRAG DAVE says:

      Sir pls help me i want to job in dubai. i am come to next week in dubai.

  31. Dear nash..
    Thanks for ur guidence.
    Now I have started my work in real estate as an IT manager and E-marketing after getting one year experience in same, how many chances are there to get a gud job with good salary….


    • Dear Rishi,

      I would not recommend you join a real estate company in Dubai, as that market is not doing really well here.

      If you want to continue in the IT stream, there are many MNC companies that are looking for IT personnel. I suggest you check out the vacancies on or

      You can expect a salary of at least AED7-8k since your experience is just about a year

      Hope that helps


  32. nash
    thnks buddy

    Now i m active in Real estate from last 5 months as IT manager and handeling E-marketing. after getting one year or two year experience in same , what are the chances of getting good job nd good salary with better life style in dubai????

  33. Dear Nash,

    I recently received an offer in Al Ain as follows per month:
    . Basic Salary AED 5,000
    Housing Allowance AED 1,000+2BR Accommodation or AED 3000*
    Transportation Allowance AED 1,000
    Overtime Allowance AED 1,000
    TOTAL AED 8,000 or AED 11,000

    I can choose to accept the accomodations and receive 8,000 or look for housing and receive 11,000. I value your expertise and hope you can tell me if this is enough to live comfortably with my husband and if I should/should not take the accomodation option and find my own. I will also be eligible for year end bonuses as well as an annual increase of 10%.

    I’m not familiar with the cost of living in the area and I want to save some money if possible.

    Your advice is well appreciated!


    • Dear Serena,

      You mentioned you want to live comfortably with your husband. As I mentioned in an earlier post. The salary to sponsor your husband if you are a Nurse, Teacher or Doctor is AED 4000. If you do not fit into any of those fields then you need to have a salary of atleast AED12,000 to sponsor him.

      I recommend you find your own accomodation, as you may find a cheap and comfortable place to live. Maybe a Studio apartment.

      It might be a lil tricky to save if you are going to be spending on accomodation+food(for 2)+transport+leisure. Some people do make it work, you can try. The experience you will gain from dubai is top notch

      Hope that helps


  34. Could you possibly tell me what the demand for printing/laser engraving/art design is in Dubai. Also, how could someone not native to Dubai get started with a business doing this?

  35. One more question…i have had quite a bit of schooling, and have proven to be adept at many things, but i do not have a degree. Are there companies that don’t require bachelor’s degrees, or that would take a portfolio of works? i imagine the pay wouldn’t be very enticing if so, but maybe you have some insight…


  36. Hi Nash,

    Thanks for your reply. In regards to sponsoring my husband: are you sure that I need to make 12k in AL AIN? (not Dubai) My profession does not fall in the categories as listed. I am in management.

    please advise. Thanks!

    • Dear Serena,

      When I say Dubai, I mean all over UAE.

      The following solutions can be of help, its up to you how you want to go about it

      1)Speak to your company for a basic salary of AED6000
      2)Speak to your company if they can help you with sponsoring your husband
      3)Ask your husband to find a job in Al-ain
      4)”Pay” for your husband’s visa each year, I think its about 5000 per year.

      Hope that helps


    • Dear Serena,

      I forgot another option

      5)Submit an appeal to the Department of Naturalization and Residency of Dubai via their website

      Hope all that helps


  37. Thanks Nash!

  38. Hi every one,
    I am going to finish my degree in civil enineering(B.E) from London south bank university, London UK in september 2012.If you can please tell me about job opportinities and starting salary of new graduates civil engineers,costs and savings.Thanks very much for time.


  39. I am a Canadian National working in IT field as Site Support Professional/System Administrator in Canada. I am a MCSE and in IT field for the past 15years worked internationally (saudi,india and now in Canada ). I am planning to relocate to UAE with a family. i would like to know is it the right time to get in to the Dubai and what are the IT job prospects.

    Please advise/guide me with the right Job contacts.sites.

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Dear Nash,

    First of i would like to say thank you for this post, it as been very helpful! I am currently living in the United States , therefore i have a western education. I have been applying to jobs all over the UAE with no luck. I am wondering if it would be easier if am actually in the UAE. Do you think it is worth moving to Dubai and trying to find a job in person? Also how much would i need to survive in Dubai for about a month including accommodation and food until I find a job? Thanks so much for your help!


    • Dear Lora,

      Let me address your questions one by one

      1)Having a western education is an advantage here, alot of MNC here look for candidates that have completed their education outside the UAE and are willing to bring their knowledge and experience here.

      2)Job hunting is not very easy, it takes time and alot of patience. One of the ways to go about it, is through the websites or walk in interviews. MOST reputed companies here do not entertain walk in interviews, so you’re better off calling them and inquiring about any vacancies.

      3)I really dont recommend you move here from the US, because it is going to be very expensive for you to do such. Should you decide otherwise, visit visa’s for US citizens are available on arrival. Staying with a friend will help you cut the accommodation costs, and food may cost quite a bit if you eat out regularly. 1.5k for light meals twice a day

      Hope all that helps


      P.s Thank you for your appreciation :)

    • Dear Nash,

      Thank you for your quick reply. I feel I will be at an advantage if I am in dubai, im prepared to spend around 5k dollars for about a month in a half, including housing , food and other needs. Everytime I apply for a job from here they tell me that I need to be living in the UAE. Do you think its worth taking that risk? How is the job market now as in how hard will it be to find a job within 2 months?

    • Dear Lora,

      Do you mind elaborating on what job in particular you are looking for? The job market is picking up, but certain markets are still staggering.

      Since you are willing to spend about $5000 which is AED18500, it will be quite sufficient for you to stay here and job hunt. Its worth risking it since you are willing to gamble with $5k.

      Hope that helps


    • I am currently looking for just about any secretary type job, secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant, I have 4 years of experience. Some of my experience also includes legal secretary. I know 5k is a lot to risk but I really feel like if I’m there it will help me more. I am not finding any jobs in the USA, and frankly I would like to move to Dubai anyways. Any job with at least 12,000 AED a month I would be satisfied with, I’m assuming 5k for this temporarily as i will not have permanent housing and it will be more expensive. Any advice? Thanks again!!

    • Dear Lora,

      When you say ‘legal secretary’ do you mean paralegal? Alot of legal firms here require you to have a degree in law, especially Sharia law.

      Admin jobs here, do not pay AED12k per month. You might have the wrong impression of the expectations here.

      Why dont you try for something else? Do you have any experience other than Admin?


  41. Hi Nash

    I am South African, I have a B.A degree, majored in English literature. I am single male and in my
    early 20s. I am a tour operator by profession, but has also work as a journalist with articles published in major South African news papers.

    Please can you provide me with names & contact details of agencies you deem as reputable
    and interested in employing candidates will to teach in the Dubai

    • Dear Kearan,

      Are you looking for a position in tours? Journalism? or Teaching? You need to be specific.


    • Hi NAsh

      I would like to work as a English teacher anywhere in the UAE.

      Can you provide me with a notion of what I can expect with regard to salary.

    • Dear Kearan,

      English teachers are in demand here, especially for schools. I recommend you try applying to an English Medium school here.

      You can expect a salary between AED5k-10k depending on what class you teach, and what specific English course you teach

      Hope that helps


    • Hi Nash

      Thank You very much.

    • Dear Kearan


      Hope you try and get the job you want here in the UAE

      All the best


    • Nash

      Do you know of any South African Recruitment Agencies, with a local number I can call. Someone like you only her in South Africa?

    • Dear Kearan,

      Really sorry, but I do not have any number of a recruitment assistant in South Africa.

      Sincerest apologies


  42. Dear Nash:

    I have been recently offered a package of Dhs 12k + accommodation in Dubai. Would you be able to advise if the above may be sufficient towards a comfortable living in UAE; considering that my spouse would be accompanying me.

    Further more; I would also like you to comment upon my possibilities for a better perspective employment offer, considering that I have been working for Multi-National Banks in Pakistan for over 4 years.

    Thank you

    • Dear Zeeshan,

      12k+accommodation is good, did you check if the accommodation is sufficient for two?

      With that salary, you will be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, with your spouse as well as do a bit of saving.

      Regarding your future prospects, to a great deal there is alot of banks here looking for experienced banking staff. I recommend you look at the banks market when you get here

      Hope that helps


  43. Hi Nash,

    I am a Canadian National working in IT field as Site Support Professional/System Administrator in Canada. I am a MCSE and in IT field for the past 15years, worked internationally (saudi,india and now in Canada ). I am planning to relocate to UAE with a family. i would like to know is it the right time to get in to the Dubai and what are the IT job prospects and also how much will it be for a 3 bedroom apartment and how is transportation charges over there.

    Please advise/guide me with the right Job contacts.sites.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Aqeel,

      You seem well qualified and experienced in the IT field. If you want to move to Dubai and the IT stream, you may find yourself to have the right qualifications to join as an IT manager.

      Transport over here is becoming quite pricey, I recommend you look into getting your own car here.

      In regards to the 3 Bedroom apartment, it really depends on the locality. You need to see how far or how close you want to be from your office first

      Try or or

      All the best


  44. Thanks Nash for your sincere advise.


  45. Hi nash what is the gold price in dubai is it lower than india

    • Dear Koki,

      As of today Gold is at the following rates

      24 Carat is at AED 163.75 per oz
      22 Carat is at AED 153.75 per oz

      Hope that helps


    • Thanks Nash but can you tell me how much is 1 OZ means is it means 1 gram or 10 gram

  46. Hi nash
    I have been offerd 12500 monthly gross below is the break up is this good saalry
    Basic- 5,500.00 ,HRA 3,500.00 ,G Allowance 1,500.00 ,Gratuity 320.83 ,Leave Salary 458.33
    Air-tickets 100.00,Bonus 687.50,Medical Insurance / Reimbursement 200.00,Furniture Allowance 291.66
    Total 12,558.32
    Transport will be availed
    please advice

    • Dear Koki,

      If you are living alone, and not supporting a family here. The salary is quite good.

      What position are you joining?

      I recommend you go for it, you can make things happen with that salary package

      All the best


    • Thanks Nash I am joining as System analyst

    • Dear Koki,

      My dream job! :(

      Go for it!

      All the best


  47. Hi Nash
    can you please tell me how much will it cost if i take a studio apartment or a sharing accommodation in dubai. Once again thanks for your help…

    • Dear Koki,

      Studios in Dubai will cost you between 20k-30k per annum

      Sharing a room will cost you 1.5k per month in Dubai

      Accommodation differs from place to place and locality

      Hope that helps


    • Hi Nash sorry to disturb you again but one thing i forgot to tell you, that currently i am having 8 years of IT experience and my current package is 10,50000 yearly in India. please suggest still its worth to come to dubai.


    • Dear Koki,

      The annual salary you will expect here in terms in rupees is 1890000, compared to 1050000 in India.

      Do the math.


  48. Hi,
    I am offered a Job with Studio Acc in Diamond Gardens, Gross Salary of AED 6850/Month , with Company Transport, 7 Sick leaves + 7 Casual etc.,. Plz advice what Net Salary to Expect & Whether its good Offer.

    Thanks in Advance


  49. Hi Nash,

    Good to read all your feedbacks. I am moving to Dubai in March 2011 to join a new company. My office will be in Jebel Ali Industrial area. I am from India and i am not sure how soon i can get Driving License hence i am looking house close to my office. Please suggest me some residential area close to Jebel Ali. My budget is AED 35000-45000 Per annum for 1bedroom furnished. Do you have any suggestions?

    Looking forward,

    • Dear Abhi,

      The closest accommodation to JAFZA is Jebel Ali Gardens. You will definitely find a 1BR for your budget. Check online for any flats for rent

      Hope that helps


    • Hi Nash,

      Thanks for your quick reply. What do you think about Discovery Garden and Jumeirah Lake tower areas? Can i commute from these places to Jebel Ali Industrial are without my own car?


    • Dear Abhi,

      Jumeriah Lakes will be a bit more pricey, Discovery Gardens will fit your budget.

      From both these locations you can take the metro to JAFZA.

      Hope that helps


    • Dear Nash,

      I think Discovery Garden will be good choice for me.

      I also need your suggestions to search a job for my Wife. She is a usability expert and has 7 years of experience. Is there any demand for usability professionals in Dubai? How should we look for job opportunities? We have directly contacted companies and applied for job postings but no reply until now.


  50. Dear sir,
    I M.A.Waseem here B.Tech civil engineer i got offer in dubai they offer me 4000 AED per month but i confused i have 5 years of exp. in india only and presently iam working in india monthly getting here 2500 AED as per dubai currency.
    so please give me a best advise i go to dubai or not but there company provided accomdation + 4000 AED PER month. so please suggest me is a good offer for me or not please please reply me.

    • Dear Waseem

      4000+ accomodation is not very good offer.for 5 years civil.It should be around 12000AED