Business Development Executive Position in Dubai

Job Description:

This position is a mid-career designation requiring some experience in Sales. This role requires creative aggressiveness and a believable conviction in the benefits of company products and services as this is the core competency in this role.


• Education – A bachelor’s or diplomate relating to business management, advertising, sales and other related fields.

• Experience – At least a two-year experience in sales, marketing or product development and/or advertising campaigns. This requirement is key to the required familiarity with market trends and currently useful strategies for business development.

• Technical Requirements – Familiarity with CRMs, lead management databases, MS Office Suite. It is also important in this role to be proficient with web research, use of online portals and an overall familiarity with internet marketing.

Salary Range:

AED 5,000-15,000

Employers’ Description:

This position is usually required by many companies in Dubai that seek to increase their market share with more structured approach to sales. Start ups especially may require to increase their sales by having business development executives reporting to unit sales managers.

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