Ads Account Executive (Media Sales Executive, Media Executive) Position in Dubai

Job Description:

This position is slowly growing in popularity in Dubai as a number of foreign advertising firms are entering the Middle East market. In contrast to the Marketing executive positions which are internally focused, Advertising Account Executives play a client-focused role, working closely with clients throughout the course of a campaign. Their role is to ensure client demands are met on a timely basis.


• Education – Graduates of bachelor’s or diplomate programs, preferably in business or related fields. However, those with degrees specific to advertising, marketing or communications have a competitive advantage.

• Technical Requirements – Employers in the Dubai job market look for bilinguals, preferably those who have excellent English communication skills and can speak Arabic. Familiarity with basic MS Office Suite is a given.

• Others – Additional computer skills pertaining to creative or design applications such as Adobe CS3 and desktop publishing may be useful. These skills would certainly increase your marketability.

Salary Range:

AED 4,500-12,000 often with account bonuses.

Employers’ Description:

This vacancy is largely offered by Dubai’s advertising agencies, which may be local UAE companies or Middle East branches of European or American advertising/media firms. Rarely do manufacturing and service companies have in-house advertising teams. As is the case in other parts of the world, popular name brands hire advertising agencies for their campaigns.

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