Virtualization is the Goal for Many Businesses in 2010

The information technology sector is about to be in high demand, and Dubai’s leading IT firms are going to need the staff to meet the expectations of clients. It is projected that the big “IT Spend” will reach USD 4.79 billion before the year’s end. The majority of this is being spent on virtualization.

Companies today need high-level efficiency to stay competitive in their market. Many of these companies are looking at virtualization as way to trim costs, speed up processes and streamline operations. The popularity of a virtualized cloud server is due to the cost savings and enhanced security it provides. From small businesses to major financial institutions, it seems like every company is clamoring for the chance to embrace what the IT sector has to offer.

In many areas of the world, including America, information technology jobs are being cut due to the economy. The increase in interest in the UAE provides a fantastic opportunity for IT specialists from abroad to find employment in Dubai. While hiring may be slow at first, as the regions IT firms try to source employees within the UAE, the demand is expected to be higher than what the local market can provide.

Recruiters and headhunters in Dubai have commented on the expected increase in need for IT professionals, and many have hinted that salaries in this sector will also be on the rise, with the combination of business virtualization and support for consumer IT services being the driving force of the hiring demand.

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