Turner Broadcasting System to Open Dubai Offices

Turner Broadcasting System is part of the Time Warner family of business, and was original started by Ted Turner. Time Warner employs over 38,000 people around the world, with over 8,000 of those employees being in the United States, where it originates. Time Warner is the owner of HBO, Cinemax, CNN, TNT, Court TV and Cartoon Network in the United States. This leader in news and entertainment announced last week that it will be opening an office in Dubai.

It was decided that an Arabic free-to-air version of its globally popular Cartoon Network would begin soon, so it is no surprise that Turner would open the supporting business operations in Dubai. The company’s executives have also announced their plans to open an animation academy.

Turner Broadcasting System has plans to reach out to local animators in an effort to develop a wider range of Arabic content for the network. This, coupled with Time Warner’s past history of being a large scale employer in the markets in which is operates will be a great change of pace for the media sector that has reported slow growth over previous years.

Turner Broadcasting is an employer with a long history of awards for its cultural diversity and excellent employee relations. In the United States, Turner Broadcasting Systems provides exceptional salaries, advancement opportunities and benefit packages to their workforce, and it can only be assumed the same will be found in Dubai. It can also be expected that other broadcasting companies will follow Turner and look to establish a media presence in Dubai, creating a wide array of employment opportunities for those with a media or advertising background.

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