The Sales and Marketing Job Sector in Dubai in the Face of Economic Recession

The ability to sell and market products is quite often the biggest factor in whether an organization or individual will be successful. Sales and marketing jobs will always remain an economic mainstay because businesses need to be able to influence consumers to purchase their products or services instead of going to the competition. During the economic downturn many businesses have closed which has resulted in many sales and marketing jobs being lost. As consumers have decreased spending, the demand for sales and marketing professionals has taken a hit.

With consumer spending slowing, the companies who are still in operation need to maintain excellent sales and marketing strategies personnel to increase market share. The nature of the sales and marketing job has changed dramatically changed since the advent of the internet. Today there are so many different sales and marketing distribution channels that professionals who want to succeed have to remain on the cutting edge of technology to keep pace with the competition.

The sales and marketing job sector in Dubai is very similar to the rest of the developed world as the local Dubai economy has experienced an economic recession over the past five years. The need for quality sales and marketing professionals is high as the city has, and still continues to market Dubai as a major tourist and business destination. The city has unique features such as the world’s tallest building, world’s largest mall, and the largest manmade island.  The city and the various business entities within it need strong sales and marketing professionals who can market Dubai as a world-class hub for tourism and business.

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