The Engineering Job Market in the Face of an Unstable Economy in Dubai

Engineering is a broad discipline and is broken down into many sub-genres. The main engineering disciplines are chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Advanced technology has opened up the field of engineering to many new subgenres such as aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, nuclear engineering, software engineering, and genetic engineering. The methodology of engineering uses physics and mathematics to solve complex problems.

Engineering projects vary in size from small to large. Every structure built has been influenced by engineering design. Since engineering touches so many aspects of society the job outlook remains strong and constant compared to other professions. Engineering positions are expected to increase worldwide as developed nations continue to grow and expand. Undeveloped nations also need engineers to help them develop infrastructure and systems to help their countries progress.

Many engineers have been employed in Dubai because of the major construction projects that are occurring there. Dubai is home of several megaprojects including Palm Islands, The World, The Burj Khalifa Complex, and Dubailand. Dubai is home to the world’s largest building, largest shopping mall, and largest manmade island. To put some of the projects into perspective; the Dubai Waterfront is over 2 ½ times the size of Washington D.C.

Even though the Dubai economy has taken a hit since its all-time high in the early 2000’s, there are still several opportunities for engineers who are willing to relocate and who have experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. Engineering will remain one of the most in demand jobs in Dubai.

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