Speaking the Language to get the Job

Dubai, a major commercial city in UAE and the GCC, may appear to be international and tourist friendly. However, within its soul, it is an Arab city. While the functional ecosystem of Dubai does not make it necessary to be able to speak Arabic to thrive in this city of opportunities, with the Emiratization drive of the 1990s picking up pace and penetration well into the new millennium has now given cause for Arabic to be as prominent as English.

A recent report from Emirates247 highlights a growing population of expats learning Arabic, not only to fit into the local culture, but also to get jobs and enhance their career.

“I want to work as a show host on television, and most preferably I will host the show in Arabic,”  says an executive in the television industry who harbors a desire to be a show host in Arabic in this report.

While this is perhaps, not a layman example, it applies everywhere. Working the government sector or the services and retail industry of Dubai, Arabic is becoming essential in business. This becomes even more prominent considering the large number of tourists that Dubai attracts from neighboring GCC countries.

» Fun, jobs or culture: Arabic now on UAE expat radar | Emirates247.com

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