Dubai Small Firms Struggle to Make Their Presence felt on Web

Small and medium businesses in the UAE have a “substandard” presence on the internet, according to a survey by Local Media, an on-line directories company based in Dubai.

Fewer than 12,000 of 100,000 companies examined actually have a presence on the Web, the survey found. Of those that do have a website, many omit key features such as prominent contact information or links to social media sites, while others were not optimised to be found by search engines.

The importance of social media was underlined by a separate study by eMarketer. It found that 70.2 per cent of internet users in the Middle East and Africa will use social media this year.

Great Job Opportunity

This news highlights a great opportunity for Dubai based job seekers with skills in web design, marketing and social media. Why not approach these companies with a poor web presence and offer your services to them for a week to prepare their website and social media presence? It could be the foot in the door to a new career.

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