6 Interview Errors You Must Avoid in 2013

A recent press release from Career-Builder tells us that 1 in 4 workers are looking to change job in 2013 and 2014. I expect this trend to be replicated in most countries and territories in the world to a greater or lesser extent and Dubai is no exception.

As well as this, the New Year is a very popular time of year for Dubai workers to start looking for a new job or career. Dubai job candidates should therefore be taking the opportunity to upgrade their job search strategy based on the latest research into effective and ineffective jobs search tactics.

One such piece of research by Career Builder of over 2,600 hiring managers and 3,900 workers, during November 2012 provides some great insight into fatal interview mistakes that candidates were making in 2013 and which future candidates must avoid if they are to maximize their chance of landing their dream job in 2013.

So, what were these fatal interview errors? The Career-Builder research identified six fatal interview errors and they also provided tips on how to overcome and avoid these errors and these are shown below.

Six Fatal Interview Errors

1. Mistake: Appearing disinterested is the No. 1 turnoff, according to 62 percent of employers.

Tip: A lack of enthusiasm can leave the employer feeling less than enthusiastic about you as a candidate. Maintain good energy throughout the interview. Make sure to ask thoughtful questions about the company’s competitive positioning and growth prospects, and come in with ideas.

2. Mistake: Answering a cell phone or texting – 60 percent

Tip: Make sure to turn your phone or tablet off, or better yet, leave them at home. This is a major pet peeve for employers and can often be a deal breaker.

3. Mistake: Dressing inappropriately – 60 percent

Tip: It’s better to err on the conservative. Wear a business suit or business casual (ie, a nice pair of pants/skirt and button down shirt.

4. Mistake: Talking negatively about a current or previous employer – 58 percent

Tip: This is a good way to be labeled as a troublemaker. Even if you are completely justified in your assessment of a past employer, don’t badmouth him/her. Focus on what you learned from that company and how it’s relevant to the job at hand.

5. Mistake: Failure to make eye contact (72 percent) or smile (42 percent), bad posture (38 percent) and a weak handshake (28 percent)

Tip: Body language speaks volumes. Chin up, back straight, big smile, firm but not too firm handshake and look straight at the interviewer.

6. Mistake: Not providing specific examples – 34 percent

Tip: Vague responses can sometimes imply a lack of knowledge or experience. Come equipped with specific examples of how you contributed to the success of other organizations, quantifying results whenever possible.

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