Marketing 3.0 Provides Opportunity for Job Seekers to Network With Dubai’s Best Marketing Firms

A recent survey of Human Resource executives, headhunters and recruiters that was conducted by Pink Slip Dubai and Insight Discovery showed that over two-thirds of these industry experts believe that the job market is on an upswing. Nearly all noted that sector that will be seeing the most growth is sales and marketing. Some of those surveyed cited growth in hiring numbers of up to 20% compared to 2009.

This is surprising, considering job growth over all sectors has slowed to a crawl in light of recent economic woes.  One possible reason for the continued growth is that companies in Dubai are thinking ahead, and working out plans for post-recession marketing. If this theory holds true, then confidence in the market is returning.

In October, one of the world’s most impressive strategic marketers, Professor Philip Kotler, will be speaking at the “What Next in Marketing 2011?” summit. TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster is sponsoring the convention, which will take place at the Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeirah. Professor Kotler will be debuting his new theory, Marketing 3.0, which focuses on marketing after the recession.

It is expected that marketing and sales executives and students from around the world will be attending this once in a lifetime chance to be on the ground floor of Professor Kotler’s theory.  It goes without reason to say that anyone who is hoping to find a position in the Dubai sales and marketing sector will be attending to take advantage of the immense networking opportunities in hopes of securing employment.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!