IT Security Threats Create Job Opportunities in Dubai

Many companies are reporting IT security threats due to the increasing volume of smart phones and mobile broadband devices. Unlike PCs, which are tied into the company’s IT system, these privately owned devices are being used by employees to streamline their workday. While this technology is making it very efficient for employees at a firm to access critical information when on the go, it proves to be a very difficult security risk that IT departments in companies around Dubai are struggling to control.

Not helping the complex security issues is that IT attacks are changing just as fast as the technology is changing. While in the past most IT attacks were on a large scale, now the trend is moving towards targeted attacks, where the person trying to break into the company’s system is using creative measures of communication to target one particular employee or manager that they think may have access to pertinent information.

These two problems tie in together as networks become less secure as employees use their mobile broadband devices that are not locked down or able to be tracked as the company’s internal PCs can be. Because the mobile technology is gaining in popularity throughout Dubai, many companies are looking to hire IT specialists that can develop the systems that will keep the company’s sensitive data safe despite these recent threats.

IT experts in Europe and the United States will have a great opportunity to secure high level IT positions in Dubai, as these areas have been dealing with mobile broadband and these type of IT risks for quite some time.

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