How To Make Your Social Media Resume Go Viral In Dubai

According to a recent report by Dubai School of Government’s Governance and Innovation Program and SAP, 70% of respondents to the survey firmly believe that social media can help Dubai/UAE youth to find their next job. The study also revealed that 75% of respondents saw social media as a crucial gateway to the virtual jobs market and 76% suggested that social media enabled them to engaged in highly productive networking.

The benefits of social media to Dubai youth’s career did not just stop in the area of finding a job. In fact, 84% said that social media was helping them to develop their entrepreneurial skills so they could start and run their own businesses.

Its clear that the global social media wave has now reached the shores of the UAE and is changing the way that Dubai youth can find a new job. The old pathways of applying for jobs on jobs boards are still valid but social media is now rising up and presenting itself as a very effective alternative and complementary route into a new job and the most savvy job seekers will take full advantage of social media to find their next job.

So, what steps should Dubai job seeker’s be taking to announce themselves on the Dubai Social Media job marketplace and to make sure that their social resume goes viral and is seen by as many relevant employers and recruiters as possible? Well, there are 3 key steps that Dubai Youth can take to build a social resume that goes viral and these are shown below.

3 Steps to Make Your Social Resume Go Viral in Dubai

1.Build your Linked-In profile. Research shows that 93% of employers use Linked-In to find candidates.  This underlines how important it is that you build an effective Linked-In profile. By effective this means that it should be fully completed and that you should have at least 50 connections. Doing this means that your profile will appear higher up the rankings. Just in case, you were wondering how much higher; well, Linked-In themselves state that fully completed Linked-In profiles are 50 times more likely to be discovered by a recruiter. Make sure that you have a high quality professional photo too as this will mean that your Linked-In profile is 7 times more likely to be found by Dubai recruiters. And finally, make sure you include at least two recent positions on your Linked-in profile as this will mean your profile is 12 times more likely to be viewed.

2.Make sure your Facebook profile is clean. 66% of recruiters now use Facebook to background check candidates and many admit to have rejecting an applicant based on the contents of their Facebook profile. So, you need to clean up your Facebook profile which means removing all references which are known to deter recruiters such as spelling mistakes, profanities, and mentions of alcohol consumption.

3.Develop your twitter profile. 66% of recruiters now use twitter to search for candidates so make sure that you tweet regularly on industry related topics to increase your chances of being found by a recruiter.

Below, you will find a useful info-graphic which illustrates how job seekers and employers are connecting on-line.



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