How to Get Your Big Break in the Dubai Media Jobs Sector

The Dubai media sector is thriving and with it now hosting the richest horse race in the world, the richest marathon in the world, and the richest golf tournament on the European tour, Dubai is an excellent place to have a media career. Every industry segment of the media is represented in Dubai, including: Media & Marketing, New Media, Business Info, Publishing, Broadcast, Production and Graphic Arts. As a result, Dubai is attracting the cream of talent from both within and outside the UAE.

But, how would a media graduate or professional looking to break into the Dubai media sector, go about doing it? Well, there is only one place to start, and this is Dubai Media City, which contains the vast majority of all Dubai media jobs and is effectively the beating heart of the Dubai media sector. Launched in 2001, Dubai Media City has shown exponential growth and there are now 1,400 companies registered there, including the world’s leading media brands, such as the BBC, CNN, Sony Pictures, Thomson Reuters and WPPP, the largest advertising organization in the world. You can find the contact information of all of these companies in the Dubai Media City directory. For more information on researching Dubai companies, see the complete guide.

Dubai media job seekers can access Dubai Media City jobs by visiting a range of online recruitment media outlets, and we have listed several of the most pertinent ones below.

Specialist Media Employment Agencies

We have compiled a list of all of Dubai’s recruitment agencies. You could start there.

If you are coming out of the UK/Europe (a common source of Dubai expats), then you should consider contacting Formula Won Media Recruitment, as they are one of the leading media agencies in London and possess extensive contacts and relationships with Dubai’s top media organizations.

Online Jobs Boards with Media Section

Of course, you will find that the usual array of Dubai and UAE based jobs boards will be an excellent source of Dubai media jobs; we recommend: Dubizzle, Gulf Talent: and Bayt. Also of interest is the UK’s, The Guardian newspaper which has always been a well respected source of media jobs and which regularly advertises media jobs in Dubai.

You can find more in the page we dedicated to media jobs in Dubai.

LinkedIn Groups

We should not forget LinkedIn; this contains two relevant groups called Dubai Media City Professionals (not an official group and doesn’t claim to be), and Dubai Media Club, both of which allow you to find media city jobs and connect with Dubai Media City employers. And this link can take you directly to Dubai media jobs, which are advertised on LinkedIn.

Tips for Applying for Media Jobs

Having found the media vacancies, it is important to think about your application. As you may be aware, media jobs typically require hardworking and dedicated people who are extrovert, comfortable working in the public eye and who know how to handle both celebrities and publicity. Your application process and in particular your CV should ideally reflect these skills and qualities, and below we have set out five tips to preparing an industry aligned media CV.

1. Presentation is everything in media and your CV should communicate to the reader that you understand the importance of presentation. You should purchase or locate a professional CV template designed by a professional which has an excellent layout for your CV.

2. Since you are working in media, you must be able to demonstrate that you can manage your media profile. You should include a section in your CV called ‘online media profile’ which should include links to a professionally prepared LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, and Facebook Fan Page. This will show that you are aware of social-media channels and can professionally manage your online brand and image.

3. The media sector is a highly social environment and media employees whether front or back office will need to be able to communicate well, and must have excellent influencing and negotiating skills. One of the best ways to demonstrate your communication skills to is to prepare a video resume. This should be a short 2 minute oral presentation of your CV. Remember to link to it from your CV.

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