How much do UAE’s sales professionals earn?

2013 may well turn out to be a bumper year for sales executives in the country, according to a report in Sales and marketing roles within certain sectors are more likely to see an increased demand this year. “Hospitality, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Electronics, media agencies, tourism, manufacturing will continue to increase,” suggests the report. This year, sales professionals can expect hikes and bonuses of 5-7 per cent in salaries compared to previous years and there will be more bonus payouts.

Average Salaries in AED per/month for jobs in sales and marketing

Marketing Executive 15,000

Marketing Manager 25,000

Marketing Director / Head of Marketing 50,000

Corporate Communications Assistant 15,000

Corporate Communications Manager 25,000

Corporate Communications Director 50,000

PR / Media Relations Executive 15,000

PR Manager 25,000

PR Director / Head of PR 45,000

Sales Executives 15,000

Sales Managers 20,000

Sales Director / Head of Sales 35,000

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