Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Dubai This Week

As global thought-leaders descend on Dubai for the Global Entrepreneurial Summit, (11th, 12th December) the UAE will have a unique opportunity to highlight its dynamic entrepreneurial success and vision before a large and influential international audience.

The conference – held previously in Washington DC and Istanbul – is supported at the highest policy levels and is being held by the UAE in partnership with the US state department, the White House, and other American government entities.

The event provides entrepreneurs and SMEs with access to institutional and private investors seeking to explore new business alliances. The summit will unite the region’s policy makers, regulators, entrepreneurs, SME stakeholders, investors, corporate leaders, incubators, procurement decision makers and key influencers in back-to-back sessions.

Job Opportunities

This a great source of potential job opportunities for Dubai professionals. Why? Because you have big ideas, entrepreneurs and investors all in one room, which means deals may be struck, business ventures will be born — and they will of course need staff to man them. So, if you are able, make sure to visit the summit and start networking for opportunities, or at the very least join the Global Entrepreneurship Summit on Linked-In or Facebook and network there.

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