Dubai Jobseekers let down by Job Application Mistakes

REED Global highlights last year’s top job-application mistakes and how to avoid them in 2013.

According to a report in the Arabian Gazette, Job-seekers based in the Middle East are committing simple errors when applying for positions, hampering their chances of landing a dream job, according to the recruitment company REED Global.

With job application activity increasing significantly in the New Year, REED’s Dubai-based team compiled UAE-specific research from 2012 analysing common factors that led to job applications being rejected. Example mistakes included:

  • applicants distributing multiple versions of their CV containing significant content differences
  • having errors into the subject line of their email
  • and making blanket applications for a company’s available positions,
  • applying for jobs using informal email addresses
  • failing to update contact details
  • and replying “yes” to every question on a screening questionnaire.

Addressing job-hunters who use informal email addresses when submitting CVs or applications, Ash Athawale, Recruitment Manager at REED, said: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. These first impressions are absolutely vital and using an unprofessional email address that starts with something like ‘partygirl’ or ‘gamerboy24x7’ won’t impress a recruiter.”

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