Dubai Jobs take the Social Path

We’ve all been there and done that with snail mail, e-mail and websites when it come to looking and applying for jobs. That is soon to become so yesterday. Social Media giant LinkedIn has announced it is soon to connect with Dubai in bringing jobs. In fact, LinkedIn itself is recruiting for their upcoming office in Dubai including those of an Office Manager and a secretary.

What this means to you aspiring job hunters is that its time to get yourself a snappy LinkedIn profile up and running. For those of you, who already have one, time to brush it up and update it.

However, putting up a LinkedIn profile comes with its check points. Unlike a Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, LinkedIn is strictly a professional networking site and so it would be prudent of you to take heed as to what you put up on your LinkedIn profile. Forbes has a very interesting article on the 8 Things that’s done wrong on the LinkedIn profile. These are very applicable in Dubai also.

In addition to those valuable inputs, in Dubai, you would also be well advised to avoid religious comments, political statements and sexual updates.

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