Break Into Dubai’s Secret Job Market Using Cold Calling

We wrote just recently about the fascinating statistic that only 5% of jobs are filled through the open market, that is, via jobs boards effectively. This means that a massive 95% of jobs are found through the secret job market, through three crucial channels and these were:

  • Cold-calling; 24% of candidates get jobs this way
  • Agencies; 23% of candidates get job this way
  • Networking/word of mouth; 48% of candidates get jobs this way.

In our last article on unlocking the hidden job market in Dubai we talked about how you can find out the latest  job gossip by networking with professionals on the internet or at business events like Gitex Technology week.

But, we did not talk about the second most popular way of unlocking the secret job market, and that is Cold-Calling, which 24% of candidates are currently using to get a job. And, if you as job-seekers can master the process of effective cold-calling,  you are opening yourself up to a potentially lucrative job seeking channel which may dramatically increase your employment chances.

Of course, cold-calling can be a nerve racking experience and fear of cold-calling is probably one of the worst anxieties that professionals face – along with public speaking and perhaps having to dismiss an employee face to face.

But, actually, effective cold-calling should not be that difficult a process, its just about making the right preparation, creating a script and process and then executing that process. This means than any one should be able to do it. So, what is the secret to effective cold-calling? Read on and I will explain 3 key tips for effective cold-calling to find a job.

1. Don’t Cold Call!

The first tip may be a little surprising considering the premise of this article. So, yes I am suggesting no ‘Cold-calling’, but this does not mean no calling at all, it means you should be ‘Warm Calling‘.

Warm calling is different in that although you are still ringing a stranger you have  developed some prior relationship with that business through networking, e.g. you know someone who works there, a friend mentioned there might be a job there etc…

Another type of warm calling comes because you have some useful information about the business which you can use a ‘lead in’ to the call; for example, “you have read a news story which suggests that they might be hiring soon”, as with the Taj Arabia or Entrust Inc employment opportunity stories.

This means that when you call the employer, you have a ‘lead in‘ line that will get their attention.

2.Use a hot prospect list and target relevant companies

Just like sales people, don’t just call anyone, do your research and develop a list of hot prospects; these are companies who meet your specific criteria, e.g,  they are in the right industry, they employee many people with your skills and have the right kind of business culture for you.

3. Prepare a script that entices the listener

Always prepare a script before cold calling and ensure to follow the AIDA format, which is the recommended way to develop a marketing communication. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire Action and your script should follow this format, for example:

  • Attention: Open with a statement that immediately grabs the listeners attention, ideally this would mean referring to someone who works there or who is known to the employer.
  • Interest: Then add one or two lines which build the listeners interest in you, e.g. the skills you have to offer.
  • Desire; Add a line or two which lets the listener know why they need you.
  • Action; there must be a final call to action, e.g what do you want the listener to do, e.g. read your Linked-In profile, let you come in for an explorative chat etc…

Cold calling is never easy, but this process should show you that it is perfectly achievable by anyone, and done well, it can help you tap in to the hidden Dubai Job market and put you ahead of the competition. 

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