Are Arab Women Treated Equally at Work? have just published the findings of their latest survey; ‘Women in the Middle East Workplace 2012’. This report focuses on what the working women of the region want, desire, and face every day. The results of this survey show that the women of the Middle East and North Africa are breaking free of traditional moulds to carve out careers that are both gratifying and rewarding. Women are playing an increasingly integral role in the region’s workforce, motivated by the desire for personal growth and independence. Key findings were:

  • Six out of ten Arab women in the GCC choose to work to broaden their life perspectives
  • More than half of women in Saudi Arabia are trying to break away from conventional roles in their desire for financial freedom
  • 22% of women claim that they work more hours than their male colleagues
  • 41% who feel that they receive less compensation than their colleagues

This report provides some interesting insight for Women in Dubai who are interested in developing their careers in Dubai and the Middle East. You can read the full report here on

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