UAE Is One of The Best Places to Work in the World

A recent survey conducted by and YouGov on employee motivation in MENA has revealed that employees in the UAE are extremely satisfied with the work that they do, and that they are very happy with the management and communication style of their employers and they are also satisfied with the working enviroment. UAE employees believe that a good work-life balance is crucial to high levels of motivation.

Read on to see the main highlights of the survey and to understand why the UAE is a great place to start and build your career.

Work-Life Balance is a Prime Motivator in the UAE

Over 50% of the employees in the UAE (56%) feel that they are either ’highly motivated’ (28%) or ‘motivated’ (28%) by the work that they do. Interestingly,  (75%) of UAE respondents believe that a good work-life balance is a very important source of motivation, with 60% claiming that their current organisation offers support for them to achieve this.

Other key employee motivators after work-life balance

The study also found out what the other key motivators are for UAE staff and these were:

  • recognition of work and achievements (47%);
  • training and development opportunities (45%);
  • the opportunity for career advancement (42%);
  • being able to feel that their work has an impact (40%);
  • personal fulfillment (39%)
  • and opportunities for long-term career growth (39%).
  • participating in decision making (37%);
  • the respondent’s colleagues and work environment (34%);
  • the nature of their daily responsibilities (31%)
  • and being able to set and reach goals (31%).

UAE Employees Love Their Work

The research also yielded some interesting insights into the MENA employee’s attitude to work. There were several key findings:

  • (92%) of respondents feel that the work that they do is significant to their company,
  • with 86% stating that their job is significant and important to their colleagues, customers and business partners.
  •  72% say that what they do is significant to their society.
  •  (76%) claim that their work gives them a sense of personal achievement,
  •  77% stating it offers them a sense of professional achievement.

The UAE work environment is great too

Across the MENA region, respondents believe that levels of internal communication are high, with 71% of them stating that they are either ‘fully informed’ or ‘fairly well informed’ of their company’s short and long term goals plus recent plans and developments. Companies are considered to be transparent by 64% of respondents.

Private Sector multinationals contains the happiest employee’s in the UAE

Employees in private-sector multinational companies are most likely to recommend their organisation as an employer of choice, according to 84% of respondents. Private sector LLCs would be recommended by 81% of employees, followed by public, government, semi-government or charity employees, with 79%.


Data for the Employee Motivation in the MENA survey was collected online from 6th to 16th December, with 10,167 respondents aged 21+, representing Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and the UAE.

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