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Are you outside of Dubai?

Look to your right, do you see the links called “Moving to Dubai Topics”. On the linked pages, you can find information about the cost of living in Dubai, visa issues, legal issues, and more.

Starting the actual job search

Before beginning the job hunt, polish your CV/resume. You can do it yourself, or give to a professional to do it for you.

Then start networking by contacting

To maximize your exposure, you can also apply directly to job sites. You can find a list of all of Dubai’s job listings categorized by industry on your right hand side, under “Find a Job in Dubai”


If you’re a Dubai-based employer looking for high caliber professionals, you can contact our featured recruitment agencies or you can advertise your job openings on one of Dubai’s best job sites. For a listing of Dubai job sites categorized by industry, check out the box on your right hand side, called “Find a Job in Dubai”