5 Jobs In Dubai That will Soon be Extinct

As we have reported many times on this blog, Dubai and the UAE are expected to see a huge increase In jobs over the coming months and years; much of this is being driven by Dubai’s rapid population growth and the sustained growth of certain sectors such as tourism, construction and food/manufacturing.

However, while  certain jobs will rise as a result of changes in population, demographics and technology, equally certain jobs will decline considerably and will soon be extinct. In a recent article in the Dubai Chronicle they outlined five jobs that will soon be extinct and we have outlined these below and provided our own take on this. If you are currently in these careers or looking to enter these careers you might want to start doing some long term career planning and ready yourself to switch to another career.

5 Jobs in Dubai That Will Soon Be Extinct

1. Postal Workers

Postal workers jobs are set to decline significantly as a result of people growing dependency on digital communication which means less people will be sending paper mail. Also technological advancements mean that many of the manual letter sorting processes will be automated, reducing the need for manual labour.

2. Communications Operators

These are people such as telephone operators who provide customers with directory and billing data, or switch board operators who relay calls. These jobs are expected to decline significantly as they are replaced by computerised ‘auto attendants’.

3.Textile Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders

Over the next 10 years, work relating to textile machine setting, operating and tending is expected to decline dramatically, due to increased technological automation. So machine operating jobs relating to textile apparel and furnishing are expected to decline.

4.Printing Press Technicians and Workers

These kind of workers prepare print media output by generating printing plates from text and images. As the printing process becomes increasingly reliant on computer software, there will be a decline in demand for jobs for manual print preparation staff.

5.Desktop Publishers

Desktop publishers operate within the publishing or print industry and use desk top publishing software to design layouts for print media. The print industry is in decline generally as consumers become more reliant on digital media and mobile to read information. This means there will be a general decline in jobs for desk top publishers to prepare layouts for books, magazines and newspapers.

There is a silver lining for desk top publishing professionals however, as desktop publishers who can develop skills in HTML are projected to have a much better employment outlook. This is because they can work in the area of web design and development which is an area that is expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

Final thoughts.

As you can see, it pays for Dubai professionals to be aware of current and future trends in demand for skills and labour as knowing this means they can can move away from careers in decline and position themselves in industries and careers which are booming. This is one of the most effective ways to manage personal employability over the long term.


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