Financial Manager Position in Dubai

Job Description:

This role is often found in financial services firms. Finance managers generally are advisors to clients and colleagues with regard to the soundness of economic or business decisions. In the banking and finance industries in Dubai, accountants report directly to Finance Managers (FM), who take these collated data and analyze them for reporting to the CFO.


• The FM supervises general accounting and other finance teams and functions in their specific divisions or areas and report directly to the CFO.

• The FM provides management with data and interpretation of cash flows, as well as being primarily responsible for predicting trends and making projections.

• The FM is responsible for the implementation of the company’s finance policies and strategies, especially as it relates to clients and the company accounts.


Experience – At least a five-year experience in a senior accounting role is important as advising, forecasting and projecting are largely functions that relies on experience.

Education – At least a Bachelor’s degree in a finance or related field; often a master’s degree is preferred. Continuing Education credit units is also a must, especially to show proof of keeping current with banking, investments, tax and other finance trends.

Technical Requirements – A CPA or equivalent is a pre-requisite, alongside a keen familiarity of accounting software and information systems used by banks and financial services firms. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are also necessary as the FM manages a team of professionals.

Salary Range:

AED 15,000-40,000 or more

Employers’ Description:

Investment firms, mortgage companies and other firms specializing in financial services are the usual companies hiring finance managers, as they are often firms with regional and/or international operations or affiliates.

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