Dubai Employment Opportunities: Who Can Take Advantage?

Dubai employment opportunities can vary from great to terrible, depending on Dubai specific factors. Even though these Dubai specific factors are at play in employment opportunities in other countries, in Dubai, these factors are more prevalent and their effects are more significant.

Below is an analysis of the factors that can affect your chances of finding attractive employment opportunities in Dubai:

Professional Experience

In the United States and some other countries, companies compete for qualified fresh graduates. Companies may institute special incentives and programs to attract these talented graduates. That is absolutely not the case in Dubai. If you do not have substantial professional experience in your industry, you’d be extremely lucky to find a company in Dubai that would offer you an attractive employment package. Companies in Dubai are looking for people who can hit the ground running flying!

However, there are exceptions.

What if you have a very specialized skill that is difficult to come by? In that case, you could still find attractive employment in Dubai even if you do not have extensive experience.

English Proficiency

Native English speakers have a great advantage in Dubai. Dubai companies put a high value on those who come from English speaking countries. The general assumption of these companies is the following: these individuals come from countries of advanced economies, they must have received top notch education and training, therefore, they must be excellent performers. Moreover, English is the primary language for most businesses, to be fluent in it is a natural advantage.

Even if you are not a native English speaker, if you can fluently carry an English conversation with a native speaker, you still are in a good position. You would still be able to impress your employer.

Physical Appearance

Let’s be blunt. If you do not care about your appearance and if you do not have a flashy look, you won’t leave an impression on Dubai employers. Dubai is all about appearances. Everything must look great.

People with plain outfits and boring hairstyles need not apply.

Social Attitude

There are no labs and scientist with lab-coats in Dubai. To advance in your Dubai career and get the best Dubai employment opportunities, you have to be an extroverted, outgoing individual. You have to be willing to invite your business partners, prospects, or colleagues to a beer and have a good time with them. You have to network, smile, and talk to people.

What About Education?

Meh. No one cares. I know a guy who graduated from an Ivy League school in the United States who has a position as a webmaster.

What About Intelligence and Being a Smart Business Person?

Get real. Any one can create a 50-page report full of speculations and in the enpd subtract hypothetical cost from hypothetical forecasted revenue and come up with the 3rd Quarter Revenue Analysis (or whatever they call it).

Good luck!

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


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