Construction and Hospitality Industry growth means more jobs in HR

As Dubai climbs back from the downturn in the economy that affected the world, so the number of opportunities for jobs increases. Foreign applicants in the HR and Recruitment areas of many different businesses are increasingly finding they are in demand as businesses in the Dubai and UAE regions look to hire the best people they can in order to facilitate maximum growth and efficiency.

Knowing what to look for in a potential employee is an art that is learned over many years, hence experienced HR staff are at a premium. With a particularly notable resurgence of the hospitality trade, and a number of new hotels complexes being built, there is much need for recruitment experts in the industry as new locations come on line all the time.

The same is true in the construction industry as bigger and bolder projects become reality; in particular road building is a major area where HR staff are required these days and the number of foreign workers in the trade is at an all time high.

Other industry areas where HR and recruitment staff are in great demand include the fast growing business support sector, with telephony staff needed in many areas, and also the banking industry which is experiencing a rapid influx of foreign banks entering the Dubai market.

Anyone who has experience in the recruitment trade would do well to look to Dubai as it undergoes renewed growth for the demand for staff at all levels is certain to increase.

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