Banking and travel resurgence means PA jobs on the rise

Western business has long regarded the Personal Assistant as part and parcel of a well run and efficient corporation, but the many differences between the way we work and the underlying traditions in the Middle East have meant the concept of the PA has taken some getting used to in places such as Dubai.

As Dubai emerges from the recent economic slump that affected the whole world and begins to re-emerge as a major growth area the increase in foreign companies operating in the region has led to greater reliance on the PA, and as a result an increased need for those with experience in organising the day to day lives of executives in a fast moving environment.

With a different set of laws – both in business and personal life – to those experienced in western society, the life and job of a PA in Dubai may take some getting used to for many people, but adaptability is very much the key to the position. Being able to act quickly and to play the part of intermediary between businessmen from both the East and the West is a prime objective of the Dubai PA.

With such diverse growth areas as the travel and tourism trade, the construction industry, finance and the media there is a widespread call for PA’s from all walks of life, but to expect a smooth transition may be a touch optimistic. Dubai is a promising place to work, and once the nuances of business in the UAE are understood a good PA can be worth a great deal.

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