4 Ways To Think Creatively and Become An Entrepreneur in Dubai

With Dubai Internet City having just launched the new Majid Bin Mohammed Innovation Center In5, there really has not been a better time to start a career in Dubai as an entrepreneur and Director of your own business start-up.

Yes, the innovation centre known as In5 is an ideas incubation centre and the first specialised technology incubation hub in the region.

And, it is a place of support and guidance for entrepreneurs and it does this by providing networking events, demo days, business guidance, and mentoring from leading multinationals in the region.

Do you have a great idea to start a new entrepreneurial venture?

There are many reasons that people choose a career as an entrepreneur; some people have always wanted to run businesses as far back as they can remember; others just get a bright idea and sudden inspiration and want to exploit it, and others may simply see it as an exciting alternative to their current career. Whatever, the reason that people decide to be an entrepreneur, they all at some point will need to be able to generate that amazing idea, which will attract investment, in order to develop the next big thing. It is one of the most crucial stages of the entrepreneurship process, that is, having that light bulb moment when you come up with the next big thing. Thinking creatively does not come naturally to everyone, although most people are capable of doing, and below I have set out 5 tips to help you think creatively and come up with a new business idea.

5 Tips To Help Think Creatively and develop a New Business Idea

1.Travel, have new experiences and meet lots of people; one of the best ways to to come up with a new idea is by talking and engaging with people and having new experiences in other towns and other part of the world. You may be in a London or New York and see an innovative new idea for a restaurant or a coffee shop and you can then adapt this idea and bring it back and try it out in Dubai. This is why travelling and going to new places is a great way to observe different ways of doing things and generating new ideas.

2.Upgrading; Look at ideas, products, services, processes etc.. which are currently in existence, but enhance them in some way and improve it so it is better. There you have it; you have created a new innovative product or service.

3.Adapting; the idea here is that you look at an idea or product or service from one context (which could be a different country or alternative industry sector) and you modify it and then introduce it another context which could of course be Dubai. This is innovation through a process known as adaptation.

4; Look for problems; look for problems at work or in the wider industry. Yes, try and find things that don’t work properly. Then brainstorm and try and develop a solution which addresses this problem. This is another form of innovation.

As you can see the process of innovation does not have to be rocket science; anyone can do it if they adopt  the right approach as shown above. Good luck in your career as an entrepreneur!

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