The Top 10 Places to work in the UAE 2013 — and why

The Great Place to Work Institute UAE has just announced the list of the top ten companies that are great places to work in the UAE and also explained why. This means that these companies are great places to send your CV for a  vacancy or even to make a speculative job enquiry.

The Top 10 places to work in the UAE 2013 — and why

1. Microsoft Gulf FZ LLC

What makes them great?   Microsoft has a business-focused culture, but is also committed to work/life balance. A charter of principles help enables it to maintain awareness of some of the key issues impacting an individual’s work/life balance.

2. Marriott

What makes them great? Employees at Marriott benefit from a culture of appreciation. As an example, a Certificate of Excellence comes in the name of the associate from the Corporate Headquarters in Washington DC, and signed by the Company Co-Founder J. Willard Marriott, if an associate receives a thank you note from a customer on excellent service.

3. FedEx Express

What makes them great? FedEx’s P-S-P or “people-service-profit” philosophy guides all of their efforts. To thank employees who exemplify PSP, it uses the Purple Promise Award (PPA) which recognises a team member who goes beyond the typical expectations for his or her job to ensure the customer’s needs are met. Sometimes the individual’s effort requires the assistance of co-workers. In such cases, more than one employee may receive a Purple Promise Award for the same endeavour.

4. THE One

What makes them great? At THE One, employees are invited to take part in community involvement efforts. They have set up their own Sustainable Village!

5. DHL

What makes them great? At global logistics firm, DHL, their human capital work has centered on their ‘employee value proposition’ which includes Growth, Impact and Pride – all of which are evident from their onboarding programme to the customized learning and development plans each employee receives.

6. Ericsson 

For over 10 years Ericsson employees have provided essential mobile communications to support disaster relief and humanitarian aid through Ericsson Response. Ericsson Response is a non-profit employee volunteer initiative that works in partnership with aid agencies to facilitate ICT solutions for their key missions; humanitarian relief work in disasters and enablers of economic growth and quality of life. This non-profit activity engages Ericsson employees in volunteer work with no commercial objective and is a key component of Ericsson’s corporate responsibility activities. Not only is it inspiring those who participate but is a source of motivation, empowerment and value creation for all Ericsson employees.

7. Omnicon Media Group

What makes them great? The OMG’s HR forums are championed by the senior management and HR Leaders and provide a confidential team environment for all employees to have a voice about their working lives. This incorporates all facets associated with discussing company initiatives, policies, idea generation, learning and development and enhances the collaboration between management and employees to create empowerment across the entire organization.

8. Securities and Commodities Authority

What makes them great? SCA earned a spot on the top UAE companies list in part because of its creative approach to thanking and motivating its employees. SCA offers a continuous variety of awards, recognition programs, and incentives that drive employees to grow and drive toward both personal and professional goals.  SCA also offers generous benefits – such as enhanced maternity and paternity leave – and interest free loans to employees for cars and homes.


What makes them great? Bayt works hard at creating an employee-centric culture. In developing employees, for example, it conducts a daily training. These 30-40 minutes training sessions are called STARS training and the content is prepared by a bayt head and the content is shared across the offices each day.

What makes them great? EMC works hard to provide a caring culture, going beyond what is required. For example, it grants paternity leave, as well as marriage leave, and compassionate leave, even though it is not required to do so by labour law. And it grants public holidays in excess of government announcements.

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