Overview of Career and Job Resources in Dubai

There isn’t one single place where you can go and find a job in Dubai and be done with it. In reality, you need to explore several different paths where you might find the most lucrative opportunity.

The places you need to explore are job sites, recruitment agencies, and your business and professional network in Dubai. Let us show you how:

Job Sites for Dubai

There are a few, trustworthy job sites that are worth uploading your CV to, but there are also job sites that range from useless to malicious and harmful. Some job sites have good intentions, but they just don’t deliver results. Others are only there to steal your personal information and use it in ways that you will sure not approve of.

So use discretion when you upload your CV to a job site. Only upload your CV to a job site that is either very well known or has a credible “About Us” page that talks about the real people behind the website and provide real contact information.

We have gathered a list of job sites that specialize in Dubai. However, we haven’t screened them all, so the same advice that we provided above applies.

The other problem with job sites is that they usually don’t provide means for you to be proactive and take action. After you upload your CV to a job site and apply to a bunch of positions, there isn’t much more you could do other than to wait, often, without getting any response! So, if you are actively looking for a job, you probably can’t afford to wait.

Therefore, you should take action by using the following:

Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Many people manage to find a job in Dubai through the use of recruitment agencies. You should always make sure that recruitment agencies are aware of your availability and always stay in touch with them.

If you want to know how you can utilize recruitment agencies and find the contact information of recruitment agencies in Dubai, we provide a comprehensive resource for that.

Join us. Boost your Dubai career!


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